At My Age, We Don’t Slow Down. We Speed Up !

I am a Senior Citizen. We don’t need any qualification to become one . Just live 60 years of life and you become one 🙂

Many of mentees/Coachees complain to me that they can not cope up with Jay. He is too fast paced and his Speed of delivery is phenomenal.  Jay spent good 25 years in the Speedy, Express Delivery business with TNT and in his own Enterprise.  It has to have its impact on his life. But the point of this article is not that. It is a wonderful quote I read from The World Tennis Champion which is very motivating:

“At my age, I see the finish line. And when you see the finish line, you don’t slow down. You speed up.” —Serena Williams

I have watched her and her sister play Tennis on TV and their Speed, Stamina, aplomb, Self Confidence and the Spirit to Win is phenomenal.