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 This is the weekly digest by Maria Popova. If you missed last week’s edition — Emily Dickinson’s electric love letters to Susan Gilbert, Hermann Hesse on hope and the difficult art Continue Reading

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Creativity, Random Phrases and my Yesterday :)

Drive Me Nuts Meaning: To greatly frustrate someone. To drive someone crazy, insane, bonkers, or bananas. No-Brainer Meaning: Anything that requires minimal brain activity to accomplish. Hands Down Meaning: Anything that’s easy or has no difficulty; Continue Reading

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Shady ver 2.o and Au Revoir – Acostic by Jay – Have Fun !

Au Revoir by jay Arrogant souls earwig. Unbelievers run. Real crackpots regard. Empty eons glimmer. Victorian unbelievers shine. Obscure kinglets run. Insane enslavers walk. Restless cuckoos shout.     Auto Continue Reading

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