My Frenemy

My Frenemy An Acrostic by jay Many jackals regret. Young hounds bay. Foxy reproaches criticise. Regrettable indiscretions ridicule. Egregious indiscretions roam. Nightly prowls whirl. Extant romances woo. Many dalliances encounter. Yonder jackals rove.

Replace YOU with I Or We – Commandments for us

You shall strive to cause no harm to any life, including yourself. You shall not act with hatred in your heart. You shall not unleash your angers onto others. You shall be considerate of others well being. You shall not take any life. You shall encourage others to join you in following the words of … Continue reading Replace YOU with I Or We – Commandments for us

Small, Pink Yoga

Small, Pink Yoga A Concrete Poem Presented as text                                it jinx yoga could morals hyperactive! positively bad ever so bad very excited rather small very pink enchantress positively excited ever so hyperactive very sharp gonna            gonna so pink    gonna    all pink very sharp    friendly! active, sad, affable decidedly amazing active, sad, mad ever so hyperactive active, sad, affable active, awesome, … Continue reading Small, Pink Yoga

Random Phrases, My Day and Creativity

Knuckle Down Meaning: Getting sincere about something; applying oneself seriously to a job.  Two impromptu Ice-breaker speeches - moving towards Goal 1. Did not win prize, got a participation certificate but the pleasure was in audience individuals - rank strangers coming back not just complimenting but quoting me 'VERBATIM' and saying, they loved it, they would like … Continue reading Random Phrases, My Day and Creativity

Like A Smooth Knight By Z-Jay In the style of an X Factor finalist (UK) :) :) Have Fun.

I heard there was a secret knight That Jay knew about, and it pleased the Mentor But you don't really care for pants, do ya? Well, it goes like this The fourth, the fifth The minor fall and the major lift The baffled Mentor composing Wow Wow Wow Wow Wow I'm not here to say I'm … Continue reading Like A Smooth Knight By Z-Jay In the style of an X Factor finalist (UK) 🙂 🙂 Have Fun.

Elvis Presley Day

Did you know... ... that today is Elvis Presley Day? In 1956, Tupelo, Mississippi, (Elvis' hometown) declared September 26th as Elvis Presley Day. He performed two shows at the Mississippi-Alabama Fair and Dairy Show in Tupelo, the same fair at which he had performed at age 10. This time there were 100 National Guardsmen surrounding … Continue reading Elvis Presley Day

RAK movement – Random acts of kindness today

Leave a kind message anywhere (in a library book, on a computer etc.) House chores can be tiring – offer a helping hand Wardrobe overflowing? Donate clothes to a charity Pay for someone else’s meal today Start the day right – make breakfast for everyone Someone looking lost? Help them with directions Share today’s food … Continue reading RAK movement – Random acts of kindness today

Our Rude Onion Love

By Z-Jay's Band A Love Song For Edie - Funny Song 🙂 This one's for you Lord Pondicherry! My love for you is like the most rude onion, Your face reminds me of intelligent spiders, Together, we are like muffins and pepper. Oh darling Edie, My rude onion, My intelligent carrot, The perfect companion to … Continue reading Our Rude Onion Love

WOW ! 400 Followers – Again ! Thank you.

I never thought, I would have any followers or BFFFs as I have come to call my readers - The Best Friends, Followers and Fans!  I love them and their comments and likes. I like to read their blogs and like and comment. For a short while when I reached a 360 number, I added … Continue reading WOW ! 400 Followers – Again ! Thank you.