$265Billion Dollar Economic Package instalment 10% of Indian GDP announced.

Someone summarised PM’s speech for me as I found the PM address full of Hindi, Sanskrit, english jargons which a layman, a man on the street, a common man can never understand. Or perhaps Narendra Modi did not wish them to address.
Such a disjointed/ In-silo effort at speech making – even when BJP has such stalwarts as wonderful Editors like M J Akbar to name a few…. who could have helped make a simple impactful speech. But bygones are bygones. Here is the Excerpt:
Honorable PM address to the Nation 🇮🇳 12.05.2020@ 8.00 pm. Highlights(33 minutes)

✅COVID19 virus has destroyed the entire world
✅COVID19 crisis is unprecedented
✅we must save lives and move forward
✅will have to take firm oath,move
✅Need to move ahead with protection
✅Self Reliant India ,the way ahead. Self Reliance has a new meaning now
✅Before covid we didn’t produce PPEs
✅Now we make 2.00 lakhs PPEs daily
✅The world view of India has changed
✅World has hope in our Capabilities -world believe India
✅Walking on the path Global welfare
✅INDIA has best resources
✅Nothing is difficult to India and Indians
✅5 pillar of India’s self reliance
Economy,Infrastructure,Tech driven-System,Demography,Demand
✅ Special Economic package announced (Rs20.00 Lakhs crore)10% of India’s GDP
✅ Aatmanirbhar Bharath relief package
✅Fiance Ministry will issue detailed guidelines on special package
✅ Give prominence/promote to products manufactured in India. Request to all to buy products manufactured in India
✅ Lockdown 4.0 details will be announced before 18th May 2020(State specific)
✅Respect and honour to all the people who are helped/ helping to fight COVID19

Thank you all 🇮🇳🙏

When leaders forget what audience they are addressing,

When they forget the impact it makes on their audience, the masses,

They speak floral, literary or JARGON FILLED language.

Someone behind the scenes also wishes to DILUTE the PM and his image by making him appear in such quick succession as if they have his succession (God forbid) Plan ready. Sad.

The HM as usual is dragging his feet with his procrastinating, definition loving Bureaucrazy Secretaries and not ready with the Graded Lockdown 4.0 announcements and PM could have therefore avoided even a mention about it as it is likely to come on 1or before 18th so let HM do it, No?

Why take out the LAST THUNDER of this inefficient FM of India by stealing her last attempt at providing ECONOMIC PACKAGE calling it Party’s or BJP’s or NDAs or PMs rather than RBI’s. – PM Could well have avoided the mention as he is not a Hype creator for FM but someone people of India look up to with respect for COMMUNICATING DECISIONS.

All in all, I personally was very disappointed and disgusted at the poor media management by BJP and Government as they ended up Diluting the Best TRUMP CARD they have till 2024 Elections.

As a senior Citizen – I have lost my Interest income 45% in past 7 years of Modi Government and continued to pay taxes.  I am still unclear, WHAT IS IN THIS PACKAGE FOR ME AND MY ilk of 12. 1 Crore Senior citizens, veterans in India. We are also 10% of Indian population – well, nearly.

Happiness and misery called Want’íng’

Everyone can be happy, but some feel happy and some feel miserable.

Those who constantly want something will never feel happy. Misery is bound to accompany wanting.

Those who never want for themselves but for others, they can feel happy because they want others to be happy.

Real happiness lies in making others happy.


[Copyright © Avatar Meher Baba Perpetual Public Charitable Trust Ahmednagar (M.S.) India]

Pure Heart – Chitta Shuddhi

To completely surrender to My Will, your heart must be pure and your mind empty of all thoughts.

All those who surrender themselves in love to Me will see, adore and realize the reality behind My form.

Source Meher Baba Calling 
Copyright. AMBPPCT



The divine love consumes all our limited desires; but this “burning” [in love] should be smokeless. Kabir puts this in one line: “Lift the veil of seven colors!” He does not say “remove” the curtain, but uses the word khole [lift, open].

In fact, this veil is so subtle that even the finest and highest thought cannot pierce or tear it. This veil has seven layers and seven knots. The seven layers are of different colors, and of seven kinds of sanskaras. These impressions are of the phenomenal illusory life. To make it more clear; this world that we see, hear and experience through the senses is an illusion, and is based on seven illusory desires.

On these seven desires is based the entire working of the gross life, and that is why both “descent” and “ascent” of the soul is in seven stages.

The real seat of the Brahma is in the head, and so you find seven doors to these illusions — two eyes, two ears, two nostrils and one mouth. When an advanced soul enters the Path with the inner eye open, he is said to “open” the first knot. And when the first knot is open, one layer out of the seven drops down, corresponding to the mouth. When the first knot is opened, the pilgrim is said to have crushed one desire and to have entered the first plane.

When the second knot is opened, corresponding to the right nostril, the second layer falls down, and the pilgrim is said to have entered the second plane. Here he sees wonderful things. Although all these things are illusory, if he gets lost in them he is gone! The third knot is the left nostril. Here the pilgrim sees more enchantments. He can now read the thoughts of all. After this third knot, the pilgrim enters what is called by Jesus the dark, spiritual night of the soul.

The fourth and fifth knots are opened simultaneously, corresponding to the right and left ears. These desires are crushed, and the pilgrim enters the fourth plane. Now he becomes all powerful. He can even raise the dead, and here it is possible that he can fall to the lowest depth. He falls if he misuses his powers.

If he resists the temptation of using his powers, then he opens the sixth and seventh knots simultaneously, corresponding to the two eyes, and crushes the sixth and seventh types of desires. He has entered the fifth plane now. But the veil is still there and he cannot see God. Only God’s grace or the Master’s help can throw away or tear this veil.

Then the pilgrim enters the sixth plane, which is represented by the middle of the forehead, that is, the third eye. Now he sees God face-to-face everywhere.

Very few can enter the seventh plane, represented by the top of the head. Here one becomes God. But this can be done only with the Master’s help. Only rare ones get down from the top of the head to the heart. The Master can, in the twinkling of an eye or even quicker, remove all these veils and everything at once, because all is illusory.

This, in the end, means that only God is real and all else is an illusion. We are all permanently lodged in this, our Beloved God. So we are all one.

Lord Meher Online 3251-53

When the whim flows

When The Whim Flows It Knows Where To Go —

One evening at Guruprasad before Baba was about to retire,
He walked by the building where the mandali resided. He was
en route to the small room where He would go for His night’s 
rest. While passing, a question was brought up. At that time
Baba said everything is done by the whim, that we do not do

I said, “Baba, all along You have been telling us that the
Avatar does so much; He changes this and He does that.
Now You say it is all the whim.

“Suppose Baba, for example, that the flow of the whim goes in a straight line. One man is here and another is there. The one man has been in penance of God, praying to Him for a number of years. The other man is one of the greatest rogues and scoundrels of the world. They are in their respective places.

Can it happen, Baba, in the flow, in the blessings of the
whim, that instead of covering this righteous man it covers
the scoundrel and purifies him?”

Baba said yes. I then asked about the men. Baba said, “You do not know, you fool.” I then asked how I could account for that.

He replied, “You only see the present life of the man who is a
scoundrel whereas I see the millions of past lives of what he
has done before. Perhaps the righteous man was the greatest scoundrel in his previous lives. So I have to explain that when the whim flows, it knows where to go and where not to go.”

By Adi K. Irani
Copyright 1985 AMBPPCT

Jay’s Tantra day: No dilemma today. Still turning to God for answers

Jay’s Tantra technique is to turn to Bible and Gita on a day when he is faced with a dilemma and seek support and answers from God.

Today, I have no dilemma still I turn to God for answers.

Random verse from Bible that came my way is :

1 Samuel 2:2


“There is no one holy like the LORD;

there is no one besides you;

there is no Rock like our God.”

And the Gita Shloka said:


True Love

When true love is awakened in the aspirant, it leads him to the realization of God and opens up the unlimited field of lasting and unfading happiness. The happiness of God-realization is the goal of all creation. It is not possible for a person to have the slightest idea of that inexpressible happiness without actually having the experience of Godhood.

The idea that the worldly have of suffering or happiness is
entirely limited. The real happiness that comes through realizing God is worth all the physical and mental suffering in the universe. Then all suffering is as if it had never been.

DISCOURSES, 7th ed, p. 398
Copyright 1987 AMBPPCT
Photo Courtesy: Meher Baba Travels

Reduce the Force of ego

Orienting one’s entire life around God reduces the force of the ego, enabling one better to remember Him and to uncover that divine spark of love which motivates the soul to greater heights of consciousness.
———Meher Baba

The Mastery Of Consciousnesses, p126
As given by Meher Baba
Compiled and edited by Allan Y. Cohen
Photo Via Meher Baba Travels

Our Needs and Wants

The world is slave to needs.

The need must become your slave. You must learn to use your modern conveniences –not to be used by them.

The more you want the more miserable you are.

Wanting is the state of perpetual restlessness.

Want nothing and you will have everything.


[Copyright © Avatar Meher Baba Perpetual Public Charitable Trust Ahmednagar (M.S.) India]

Give up low desires and cravings! 🙏

God who is all-power, all-wisdom, all-love, all-mercy and all-bliss resides in us all. There also reside in us all the opposite aspects of these infinite qualities like helplessness, ignorance, lust, cruelty and suffering. He who desires God develops compassion, selflessness and self-denying renunciation. He who runs after transitory shadow objects of desires cultivates selfishness, greed and hatred. The former brings peace on earth; the latter brings war and destruction.

“Give up low desires and unnecessary cravings, and you will experience heaven on earth.”

Lord Meher, vol6,356

Accept whatever God Gives with firm faith in His Love and Grace.

Accept whatever God gives with firm faith in His love and grace. Then you will find peace and strength.

Suffering and miseries come according to the divinely established Law of Karma, Cause and Effect and our own actions are the cause of these and no one else needs to be blamed.

Be resigned to My will and accept willingly the situation in which you are placed and I will give you inner strength to face the battle of life.


[Copyright © Avatar Meher Baba Perpetual Public Charitable Trust Ahmednagar (M.S.) India]

Meher baba on Indian Independence

Shireen Davenport

Meher Baba on Independence on 4 September 1931,

“Baba remarked, “If Gandhi comes to meet me, it would be very good for him and good for all concerned.”

About the Round Table Conference, Baba explained to Chanji and Rustom:

Even Gandhi will have no influence there, in spite of his presence. He should have gone at first with other representatives who, in a wavering mood, left for Multan; but at that time, Gandhi hesitated on account of certain grievances. Then he suddenly agreed to participate in the conference, though most of their grievances were not redressed.

The point is that once Gandhi refused to join in the conference on certain grounds, he ought to have refused to the end. He should not have suddenly consented to take part in it unless and until all his grievances were redressed and removed, and he should have stayed in India. But being inconsistent, he consented to attend the conference at the eleventh hour. He has lost his prestige and now he won’t succeed there. At the Round Table Conference, differences of opinion will prevail among the parties and no one will agree, and Gandhi’s influence will not make a difference. His influence will be ineffectual.

“Why?” asked Chanji.

In reply, Baba spelled out:

Gandhi’s influence has already waned. He wants to keep every party pleased and there[in] lies his weakness. How could he keep everybody pleased when they all are opposed to one another and have conflicting views, extremely opposite to each other?

In India, the many political parties and creeds all have one common aim: to attain independence. But there is not a single party among them who can come to terms with another party about details. Even the [Indian National] Congress, the party considered strongest, is affected by the foul odor of religious differences.

Its influence on others is gradually failing. With the weakening of its influence, the influence of Gandhi is also waning. Not only are the two greatest and largest parties and communities, the Muslims and the Untouchables, out of the influence of the Congress, but they also oppose and fight tooth and nail against Gandhi and the Congress.

Even among his own followers, or those who at least agree with him on the question of independence, their objectives differ. Observe how Sarojini Naidu and Pandit Malaviya act. Gandhi preaches the use of khadi [handspun cotton cloth] to all and sundry, yet Mrs. Naidu wears silks, though she is a colleague in his fight for independence. Gandhi preaches and advocates the abolition of caste and religion, particularly in abolishing Untouchability, and his lieutenant in the Congress Party, Malaviya, does not adhere to it. Malaviya takes his cook to England with him, thinking that eating meals prepared by foreigners is irreligious. There are thousands in the Congress who do not accept this dictum of Gandhi’s at all, and that is why the party is not strong; the result of which will bode ill for the future.

Gandhi also advocates celibacy, though he himself is married and has children, and recently he arranged his son’s marriage. There are so many things like these which he recommends, but does not put into practice himself. Why preach such things which he himself can’t or won’t do?

It is this trait in his character, combined with two other great defects — vanity and inconsistency — which causes Gandhi to lose his influence gradually, and leads those who once admired him to oppose him today. Shaukat Ali was once Gandhi’s closest companion and he is now his staunchest opponent. Why? Because of that great dividing factor: the religious animosity and enmity between the Hindus and Muslims. The religious fanatics on both sides have nurtured and fostered this hatred to the extent that even in Congress there are the orthodox who color every political activity and action with their religious bigotry, and it is all authorized, approved and practiced by and with Gandhi. This leads to great antagonism which is now weakening the Congress party.

What can I say about [Gandhi’s] vanity? Too much of a thing always spoils a man. To raise one to the seventh heaven and to cry out “Mahatma Gandhi ki jai” has made him vain and brought him down.

Shaukat Ali has caustically remarked, “These things have gone to his head and made him [Gandhi] mad!”

Besides, his immediate attendants put up a great show and fuss in every activity, which shows that Gandhi has a taste for it. But it is the natural outcome of too much praise and adulation. This daily exhibition in all functions, public and private, has reached the limit. It is too prominent to conceal from a shrewd observer or a sincere soul, who never likes or desires such a show. Hence, there is the dislike of him by many who, in spite of their admiration for him at one point, have left and are leaving him in [droves].

The Perfect Master of Spirituality can do anything and everything. He can preach about things which he himself does not practice, and for his spiritual purposes he can do things according to the prevailing conditions and circumstances, because he is eternally free of all things and can undo their effects. This is something an imperfect person can never do, much less one who has no “wind” [breeze] even of spirituality [such as a political leader, like Gandhi].

The reactionary effects of all these preachings, fuss, sham, show and vanity are disastrous, causing a gradual erosion of any influence Gandhi has among his admirers and followers, however great. If Gandhi’s influence goes, the rise of youth will take place, which in its activity will resemble Russian communalism. The signs are already there, as we find them assassinating people in high places and assaulting them in broad daylight.

Although Jawaharlal [Nehru] sides with Gandhi in his objective for independence, his views, creed and activities are quite different from Gandhi’s.

On the 5th, regarding Britain, Baba said:

The British government will not grant anything more than what was settled on in the last Round Table Conference. There is a change of government and, except for [Prime Minister] MacDonald, no one has any sympathy for our cause. Gandhi, too, will not gain anything more by his presence than what has already been decided to be given. His personality and influence will have no effect at all. And if Gandhi tries to give in again to avoid a conflict, the Congress will not accept it.

Baba predicted a civil war erupting in India between Hindus and Muslims. “There will be a terrible massacre and slaughter of one another,” he stated. “It will also have its reflection on Europeans.

There will be an equally strong civil war between the Indians and foreigners, particularly the Europeans and more particularly the British.”

On the 7th, Baba said:

The common cause of nationalism and the objective of achieving independence are sacrificed for want of unity between the Hindus and the Mohammedans, and they are harming their own cause by bringing religion into the matter. No one understands religion, and all this strife and squabble is born of irreligiousness.

Gandhi, who goes to England as the chosen leader of the Congress and the spokesman for India, this time will have no influence, unfortunately, owing to various reasons of conflicting ideals and party politics. Not only will his influence fail with the British people, but his influence will fall considerably even with his own people, the Indians, to the extent of failure. And with Gandhiji’s influence gone, and “communalism” coming in, civil war will follow.

This is all very sad for poor India and for Britain, too. But sadder times are still to come before the sun of the New Era of peace and prosperity dawns on the world, for such is ordained.”

Revised Lord Meher, pp. 1237-1240, copyright AMBPPCT
photo: Meher Baba, 1931
copyright Meher Nazar Publications or MSI Collection

“God Will Help You In Your Quest For Truth.”…

“God Will Help You In Your Quest For Truth.”…

Baba continued, explaining to them about intuition:

When you feel something as intuition and have no doubt about it, then know it is real. Passing doubtful thoughts and temporary emotional feelings should not be given importance. But when you feel it touches your heart, follow it. When it is from the mind, it is not intuition. Intuition means that which comes from the heart. In the divine path, first there is intuition, then inspiration, then illumination, and finally Realization.

“If it touches your heart, follow it. And, God willing, from today you will know that if it is intuition it is right. My love will help you and guide you to understand what is right. Love Baba. God wants honest love. He is all honesty and wants honest love. So love Baba. God will help you in your quest for the Truth.”

Lord Meher Online 3072
Photo via Meher Baba Travels

Restless love

The heart without love is entombed in unending darkness and suffering.

But the heart which is restless with love is on the way to realisation of the unfading light and the unfathomable sweetness of life divine.


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On spiritual path, hypocrisy is the only sin. Be honest

Spirituality is to get rid of your false self. And when your false self goes, you know what you are in Reality.

When nothing upsets you, you are at the beginning of path.

When you desire nothing, you are halfway on the path, when nothing becomes everything, you are perfected.

.On spiritual path, hypocrisy is the only sin. Be honest


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Sanskara and balance 

No one escapes from the results of actions. But actions should be done in such a way as to balance ordinary sanskaras by their opposites or “reverse” sanskaras.

Devotion, giving of alms, prayer, bhajan, kirtan, and repetition of God’s name create such sanskaras that burn away ordinary sanskaras. But penance, fasts, and yogic practices create still more bondage. A real fast means to starve the mind, not the body. 

Lord Meher Online 696

Photo: Avatar Meher

Success and Failure


Spiritual unfoldment takes place through experience of such opposites as pleasure and pain, success and failure, virtue and vice. Both extremes are equally necessary for the fulfillment of life although they appear to be direct opposites of each other. In fact, from a larger point of view, the opposites of experience turn out to be complementaries rather than contraries. They appear to be clashing incompatibles only for the mind that cannot transcend them.

The opposites of failure and success need each other. There can be no success unless there is failure; and it is equally true that there can be no failure unless there is success. If one has never succeeded in a particular thing, it is meaningless to style such attempts or their results as failure. In the same way, success is success only if there have been prior failures, either by that particular person or by others who tried in the same field.

Success and failure are generally measured, appreciated or suffered more in relation to what has been achieved in the same field by others, than in relation to a target which has been hit or missed. If it is usual for any person to do a particular thing, the doing of it is not to be regarded as a success, although it is success in the sense that what was planned has been achieved.

In every worldly sphere there is bad, worse and worst, as well as good, better and best. There is a conscious or unconscious racing with each other, as well as a perception of that which is beyond all racing. It is out of this racing that success or failure arises.

By Meher Baba
An Avatar Meher Baba Trust eBook June 2011
Copyright : AMBPPCT

The development of love is conditioned and sustained by the tension of duality.

God has to suffer apparent differentiation into a multiplicity of souls in order to carry on the game of love.

They are His own forms, and in relation to them He at once assumes the role of the Divine Lover and the Divine Beloved.

As the Beloved, He is the real and the ultimate object of their appreciation.

As the Divine Lover, He is their real and ultimate saviour drawing them back to Himself.

Thus though the whole world of duality is only an illusion, that illusion has come into being for a significant purpose.


[Source- Discourses by Meher Baba, volume-I, p-164 (Copyright ©1967 by Adi K. Irani, King’s Rd., Ahmednagar, Maharashtra, India]