Did you know…

Did you know... ... that today, besides being Thanksgiving in the United States (Happy Thanksgiving!), is Amistad Victory Day? In 1841, the slaves who seized the Amistad in 1839 were freed by the Supreme Court. The rebellion broke out when the schooner, traveling along the coast of Cuba, was taken over by a group of … Continue reading Did you know…

$265Billion Dollar Economic Package instalment 10% of Indian GDP announced.

Someone summarised PM's speech for me as I found the PM address full of Hindi, Sanskrit, english jargons which a layman, a man on the street, a common man can never understand. Or perhaps Narendra Modi did not wish them to address. Such a disjointed/ In-silo effort at speech making - even when BJP has … Continue reading $265Billion Dollar Economic Package instalment 10% of Indian GDP announced.

Newsletters I like

News from the Future Future Shock is Here: A Future Now Special Edition #4 curated by Institute for the Future May 7, 2020 – Issue #40 – View online Like News from the Future? Share this link to our subscription page. What's After the Pandemic? It's Up to You Six steps for imagining post-COVID-19 Futures We're up to our necks. We're … Continue reading Newsletters I like

My fav newsletter – Brainpickings.org

 This is the brainpickings.org weekly digest by Maria Popova. If you missed last week's edition — Emily Dickinson's electric love letters to Susan Gilbert, Hermann Hesse on hope and the difficult art of taking responsibility, an illustrated celebration of the heroes who won women political power — you can catch up right here. (Also: Don't miss the annual … Continue reading My fav newsletter – Brainpickings.org

Ode to Performer – Jay’s Sonnet

Ode to the Performer A Sonnet by jay My Performer, you inspire me to write. How I hate the way you bounce, snort and sneer, Invading my mind day and through the night, Always dreaming about the crazed emir. Let me compare you to a nonmember? You are more dainty, funny and funny. Odd fogs … Continue reading Ode to Performer – Jay’s Sonnet

Meet my Virtual Friend – Mr. Nelson Wong

Mr. Nelson Wong and I connected on Ecademy, around the year 2004.  We haven’t yet spoken to each other or virtually or physically shaken hands.  We still consider each other as respected friends whose views we like to read and understand.  Ecademy was a great platform where I learnt “ Connections first – Business Later” … Continue reading Meet my Virtual Friend – Mr. Nelson Wong

Meet my Mentor – Mr. Askander Mirza. ExtraOrdinary Speaker.

Meet my Mentor at and President of the Garden City Toastmasters International Mr. Askander Mirza. Corporate Trainer, NLP practitioner, Leadership coach, Distinguished Toastmaster, Public Speaker, Life Coach Mr. Mirza came to our Toast masters club to deliver an Educational Speech. Impressed, I went to meet him next week He readily agreed to Mentor me as … Continue reading Meet my Mentor – Mr. Askander Mirza. ExtraOrdinary Speaker.

Writing for that day, which is inevitable to all of us.

Living with a CAD is no joke. I live on Medical Management after Triple bypass procedure was considered unviable. I have strict Diet Regimen. I Walk twice or thrice day and my range is 10 to 15 Km per day. This has helped me get strength in past 4.5 years. It does not make me … Continue reading Writing for that day, which is inevitable to all of us.

Jay’s Tantra Moment

In my difficult moments, In my indecisive Dilemma moments I Try this hack or Jay's Tantra. It works for me. I pick up a Gita shloka at random: I pick up a Verse from Bible Look up the meanings. Attempt to find my answers, my solutions to complex issues.  It works for me 100%. Srimad … Continue reading Jay’s Tantra Moment

Turf – Free verse by Jay

Turf Free verse by jay Because I could not win the Turf, it did kindly win for me. Pause to win, like the Turf does. It does win, it does install, Should it also rid? Given that it is really lush, Above all others is my poor pasture. Permanent, perennial, poor pasture. Are you upset … Continue reading Turf – Free verse by Jay

Rhodium Disc Day

Did you know... ... that today is Rhodium Disc Day? In 1979, the Guinness Book of Records presented a rhodium disc, more valuable than platinum, to ex-Beatle Paul McCartney for his incredible string of bestselling singles and albums. ~~~ Today's Inspirational Quote: "Life isn't always fair. Some people are born into better environments. Some people … Continue reading Rhodium Disc Day

Invest in People and Pigeonholed Mentees.

“If you have someone who’s teaching you something and they invest their time in you, and they think you have a chance of being good, they work you harder than the folks around you.” Nick Kokonas | American restaurateur & business person You're Pigeonholed! (You are un-coachable)- Jay Pigeonholed (verb): put into a restrictive category … Continue reading Invest in People and Pigeonholed Mentees.

How mindfulness and CBT can treat depression

DANIEL GOLEMAN Daniel Goleman is a psychologist, lecturer, and science journalist who has reported on the brain and behavioral sciences for The New York Times for many years. His 1995 book, Emotional Intelligence (Bantam Books) was on The New York Times bestseller list for a year and a half. Goleman is also the author of … Continue reading How mindfulness and CBT can treat depression

The Trainer and the Hypnotist

Rhyming Couplet Ideas by jay See the hopping of the Trainer, I think he's angry at the complainer. He finds it hard to see the pig, Overshadowed by the weird golden fig. Who is that prowling near the snake? I think she'd like to eat the stomach ache. She is but a hungry comedian, Admired … Continue reading The Trainer and the Hypnotist

My best fav Newsletter : Brainpickings.com

This is the Brain Pickings midweek newsletter: Every Wednesday, I plunge into my twelve-year archive and choose something worth resurfacing and resavoring as a timeless pick-me-up for heart, mind, and spirit. (If you don't yet subscribe to the standard Sunday newsletter of new pieces published each week, you can sign up here – it's free.) If you … Continue reading My best fav Newsletter : Brainpickings.com

It’s OK, Not OK.

Useful Gen   Published on August 24, 2016   Like It's OK, Not OK. 0 Comment 0 ShareShare It's OK, Not OK. 0     Dhananjay Parkhe Generalist I saw this Pictorial series below by Useful Gen and thought I would share it with the readers. I found these very motivating and thought provoking. Most OutStanding … Continue reading It’s OK, Not OK.

Replace YOU with I Or We – Commandments for us

You shall strive to cause no harm to any life, including yourself. You shall not act with hatred in your heart. You shall not unleash your angers onto others. You shall be considerate of others well being. You shall not take any life. You shall encourage others to join you in following the words of … Continue reading Replace YOU with I Or We – Commandments for us

RAK Movement – Random Acts of Kindness

Buy someone a coffee Put your phone down and have a conversation with a friend Start the day right – make breakfast for everyone We rarely listen to others - ask someone about their day Who will be making dinner for your family today? Tag, you’re it! Visit a friend who’s sick Make a conscious … Continue reading RAK Movement – Random Acts of Kindness

Degree of Honesty? Isn’t it Binary?

On the spiritual path one must have 100% honesty. The slightest tinge of hypocrisy leads one away from God. It is better to be unbeliever (atheist, agnostic) than to be a hypocrite or false saint. And it is better to deny God than to defy Him! To be honest, atheist is no fraud. -------AVATAR MEHER … Continue reading Degree of Honesty? Isn’t it Binary?

Random Phrases. Creativity. Day’s Progress

Swinging For the Fences Meaning: Giving something your all.  Yes. Giving All in to the 3 Goals I have set.  Screen time reduced. Walking/ listening time increased. Talk time improving still. Video recordings not on schedule.   Keep Your Shirt On Meaning: Keeping calm. Usually said by someone who is trying to avoid making others upset.  Have to learn to … Continue reading Random Phrases. Creativity. Day’s Progress

Did you know..

Did you know... ... that today is San Francisco's Birthday? In 1776, Spanish missionaries began the first settlement in the area that was to become the city of San Francisco. Yerba Buena, the original name of San Francisco, was taken from the plant with the same name that grew around the settlement next to the … Continue reading Did you know..

Interesting Prophecies – Jay’s Tantra – Have some Fun :) !

As soon as the moon doesn't fall, a confession shall bring forth a country's new rise and the deaths of a million. ------------------- As soon as wolves howl together, the two faced one shall cause the fall of a false god and a rise in immorality. ------------------- As soon as what's shrouded is revealed, an … Continue reading Interesting Prophecies – Jay’s Tantra – Have some Fun 🙂 !

Columbus Day in U.S.

Did you know... ... that today, besides being Columbus Day in the U.S., is the birthday of Sigourney Weaver (1949)? Sigourney Weaver is an American actress best known for her role as Ellen Ripley in the Alien film series. Trivia fans: Born Susan Alexandra Weaver, she began using the name "Sigourney Weaver" in 1963 after … Continue reading Columbus Day in U.S.

Creativity. Random Phrases. My Day.

Back To the Drawing Board Meaning: Starting over again on a new design from a previously failed attempt.  Restarting the Learning Process after a gap. I have found some interesting courses on Udemy about Startups, Funding, Angel investing and others of my interest.  Burst Your Bubble Meaning: To ruin someone's happy moment.  Hmmm... some WhatsApps, some SMS, some emails.  … Continue reading Creativity. Random Phrases. My Day.

Sarva Pitri Amavasya – Prayer in English

http://www.astrojyoti.com/dailypanchangadarshini Praying for Mother: Immortal Mother, my refuge and salvation, I come to you to confess my sins. I deserted you, I did not read your scriptures on the most holy day. Liberate me of my sins, absolve me of these demons. Pass your judgment so I may feel the warmth of your light once … Continue reading Sarva Pitri Amavasya – Prayer in English

Small, Pink Yoga

Small, Pink Yoga A Concrete Poem Presented as text                                it jinx yoga could morals hyperactive! positively bad ever so bad very excited rather small very pink enchantress positively excited ever so hyperactive very sharp gonna            gonna so pink    gonna    all pink very sharp    friendly! active, sad, affable decidedly amazing active, sad, mad ever so hyperactive active, sad, affable active, awesome, … Continue reading Small, Pink Yoga

Startpreneur News via my fav newsletter

Morning Briefing (9 Min Reading Time) Top news & stories of the startup ecosystem from India & around the world Latest From The Indian Startup Ecosystem Flipkart Enters Insurance Market, Beginning With Mobile Phones After more than 10 months of speculations, Walmart-owned ecommerce unicorn Flipkart has finally made its move into mobile phone insurance – a $27 … Continue reading Startpreneur News via my fav newsletter