Jay has a simple mission. He wants to help successful executives and Startups achieve positive, sustainable change and behavior; for them, their people, and their teams. He helps you make life a little better, still better. With over 43 years of experience helping C-Level and below Executives and Beginner Entrepreneurs overcome limiting thoughts and behaviors and help them achieve great success, Jay does this work Pro-Bono as he believes Mentoring IS and should always be Free. Jay loves helping people and it is his way of Giving Back to the Society.

As a C-Suite Mentor, StartUp Mentor, educator, artist, critic, Ex-MNC Director, Excellence Assessor, Ex-Mentor, Assessor for QSHE Standards and Social Accountability and Investor in People Standards with several Global and National Awards under his belt, Jay helps people understand how our thoughts and environment we operate gives us cues, prompts and tribbers that create negative vibes, thoughts, behaviours. Through simple and practical advice Jay helps people achieve sustainable positive behavioral and business results.
Publishing ebooks on Amazon Kindle, Createspace. Go2Digital , Main topics – Startup, Entrepreneurship, C-Suite Mentoring. Sharing my real life experiences as C-Suite Mentor Diaries in simple understandable language.
Plan to contribute Lesson Plans and Video/ Podcasts for NGOs running MOOC skills and Mentoring programs for startups.

I came in touch with many Godmen, saints , sadhus n Gurus n mentors from age 5. I share some of the teachings . I have a strong Buddhist belief ‘A master (mentor) appears, when the Pupil is ready’.


Most of my learnings are from Avatar मेहेर बाबा, गीता, बायबल, Buddhism, रामायण, and other holy books. Shared freely for anyone iinterested.