4. Paintings

Free stock photos

At C-Suite Mentors I  know it’s a pain to find high-quality stock photos that don’t seem way overpriced. So I am spending some time creating all the beautiful, top-quality images i could get our hands on, and then organised them here for you, at a price you’re going to love: free. That’s right. They’re yours to download and use. No charge. And we plan to add more free photos every week.

The license for these images is Creative Commons Zero. That means that you can do whatever you like with them, whether for private or professional purposes.


I returned to my hobby of Drawing and Painting after 50 years and most of the learning is Self-Learning sometimes overseen by my artist wife.  Learning never Ends, it shouldn’t.  Self Learning is joyous. If you the reader finds value in making use of these for their presentations, story etc. they are free to do so. If they acknowledge the Artist i.e. Me – it is OK, if they don’t it is OK!

I begin with Zero Expectation and I have built very long term relationships because I expected nothing.

Wish you all the best.

We also display in Image boxes some of the Paintings of my wife Madhura Parkhe.

Included below are paintings by my wife Madhura Parkhe