Random phrases of the day

  1. All Greek To Me Meaning: When something is incomprehensible due to complexity; unintelligble.
  2. Right Out of the Gate Meaning: Right from the beginning; to do something from the start.
  3. Go Out On a Limb Meaning: Putting yourself in a risky situation in order to help someone; or to hazard a guess.

3 Random phrases of the day

  1. Quick On the Draw Meaning: Performing an action with the greatest of haste.
  2. On the Same Page Meaning: Thinking alike or understanding something in a similar way with others.
  3. Jig Is Up . Meaning: For a ruse or trick to be discovered; to be caught.

5 Random Acts of Kindness

  1. Lend a friend a book you think they’d like
  2. Save your family some time and buy their groceries
  3. We walk past homeless people every day; can you spare them 5 minutes of your time?
  4. Feeling brave? Give blood
  5. Surprise your siblings with their favourite sweets/chocolate