Inspiring Story by Tony DUrso about a Million Dollar Collar

= Rob Kessler: Inventor of Million Dollar Collar! =

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On the biggest day of his life Rob Kessler’s shirt was a big disappointment. In front of his beautiful bride and all of his guests he had a sloppy looking dress shirt. Sadly, the brand new, freshly pressed shirt didn’t even make it until he said “I DO.”

After seeing the rest of his wedding pictures, he knew he had to find a solution for a problem that had bothered him for years.

And he did. Rob invented Million Dollar Collar, which sold over 150,000 sets world wide and has 100s and 100s of dry cleaners all over the U.S. providing this remarkable Million Dollar

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Tony DUrso
This is from my TV interview with Rob Kessler, inventor of Million Dollar Collar. I think you’ll learn from the creativeness and inventiveness of how he seized the moment and created something extraordinary that he never imagined.