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Dear Friends,
Life is short. Do whatever you can to help people – not for status, but because the 95-year-old you would be proud if you do help people and disappointed if you don’t!
Life is good.
Thinkers 50!
Thinkers 50 and I are proud to announce the thinkers shortlisted for the Marshall Goldsmith Coaching and Mentoring Award!
Congratulations to my friend and 100 Coaches member Feyzi Fatehi for receiving the 2019 CODiE Lifetime Achievement Award that previously has been bestowed on Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Steve Wozniak and the likes for their impactful contributions to the world of Technology.
My good friend and 100 Coaches member Howard Prager’s article Beyond Category: Collaboration asks
Who is in your life that impacts you?
Who do you collaborate with?
And who finds you?
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Stakeholder Centered Coaching News
Putting Humanity into HR Compliance: Creating a Coaching Culture—Doing vs. Understanding – articles about our Stakeholder Centered Coaching and how it works!
Books We Love
Do you feel like you never have enough time or energy to get things done? Are you stressed and exhausted just thinking about work? Are you getting to the point where you dread Monday mornings?
TBT Video
Last Breath
Imagine yourself at 95 years old, knowing what was important and what wasn’t. Take that knowledge to heart now, both for your career and for your personal life.
You are now about to receive the best coaching advice that you will ever get in this—or perhaps any other—lifetime! You are about to receive advice from a very wise old person. Listen very carefully to what this wise old person says.
I hope that you enjoyed the Life Is Good update, and that it is helpful to you!

Fascinating Revenue Model of Revenue Chat Host – Tony DUrso – the Best Influencer in the U.S.A.

It is fascinating to be a virtual friend and an Admin on Tony DUrso’s fan page but I did not know yet how his business model works.  Very interesting indeed.
Charging for Revenue Chat Radio:
1. Interview on Revenue Chat Radio. You get:
★ Get interviewed on one of the biggest podcasts with 1.9 mil downloads.
★ Your interview gets15,000 to 20,000 downloads.
★ Booked a year in advance! You get immediate placement & broadcast!
★ A professionally produced interview you can use for your website, marketing & promotions.
★ Distribution across the largest podcast platforms such as iTunes & Stitcher.
★ Instant credibility from being on a major podcast.
★ Senior authority positioning of you, over the competition. People place trust in those seen on big podcasts.
★ Heavy promotion on my extensive social media network.
Biggest Podcasters in USA charge $5000 to get on his podcast.–My price is $500 for now as a Special Offer.
2. Interview on The Tony DUrso TV Show. You get:
★ A professionally produced interview you can use for your website, marketing & promotions. ★ Distribution across multiple television networks that have millions of viewers. ★ Instant credibility from being on key TV networks. ★ Senior authority positioning of you, over the competition. People place trust in those seen on TV. ★ Syndicated on Revenue Chat Radio to get 15,000-20,000 downloads at no extra charge. ★ Heavy promotion on my extensive social media network. ★ Emmy-winner, Rich Tamayo is our director. ★ We have 4 cameras and a high-tech studio, which is like the “successful entrepreneur meets the news.” This is a high-quality production.

Get the TV show package and get on Revenue Chat Radio at no extra charge!

Many charge $5000 and more for this. My price is $1250 as a Special Offer.

Summary: $1250 gets the person on both TV and radio.—This is a limited offer. The price
will go up without notice.
Thank you for being wonderful!
Tony DUrso: TV, Radio Host and Bestselling AuthorRevenue Chat Radio – 1.9 million downloads

The Tony DUrso TV Show – EP1 over 50,000 views and climbing 

The Spotlight with Tony DUrso – 400,000 downloads & #1 Show on
VoiceAmerica Influencers Channel


Tony DUrso consistently delivers a show that keeps listeners listening, and it
shows in how his audience grows show after show. He’s the Best of the Best.
Jeff Spenard, CEO VoiceAmerica