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Quick and Easy Vegetable Soup Recipe | Allrecipes

Quick and Easy Vegetable Soup Rating: 4.65 stars 520 Ratings398 Reviews63 Photos A low calorie, but filling, tomato-based vegetable soup. I use fresh vegetables when in season, frozen or canned in winter.By Anne VackrinosSavePinPrintShare Gallery Watch Recipe Summary Servings:6Yield:6 servingsNutrition Info Ingredients Decrease Serving6Increase ServingAdjustOriginal recipe yields 6 servingsIngredient Checklist 1 (14 ounce) can chicken broth1 … Continue reading Quick and Easy Vegetable Soup Recipe | Allrecipes

COVID-19 via PNUTs Newsletter

COVID-19 Complex systems science allows us to see new paths forward (Aeon) Viruses have big impacts on ecology and evolution as well as human health (Economist, $) ‘I’m Only One Human Being’: Parents Brace for a Go-It-Alone School Year (NYT) Federal judge halts Betsy DeVos’s controversial rule sending coronavirus aid to private schools (WaPo) Covid in the Classroom? Shhh. … Continue reading COVID-19 via PNUTs Newsletter

Mixed Nuts via PNUTs Newsletter I like

Playing God With Mosquitoes  (Joe Raedle via Getty Images) In 2021, 750 million genetically modified (GM) mosquitoes are set to be released in the Florida Keys and a string of surrounding islands. The Environmental Protection Agency granted permission in May to the British-based but US-operated company, Oxitec, to produce the genetically engineered, male Aedes aegypti mosquitoes, known … Continue reading Mixed Nuts via PNUTs Newsletter I like


Europe’s oldest tea, retro ice-cream cocktail recipes, and more. Pizza of the Great White North The Hawaiian pizza doesn’t come from anywhere near Hawai’i. It comes from Ontario, and was concocted in 1962, in a restaurant serving typical mid-century food without any particular focus. Since its creation, the regular cheese pizza topped with canned pineapple … Continue reading Gastro ObscuRA NEWSLETTER

Strawberry Lime Smoothie Pops Recipe | Allrecipes

via Strawberry Lime Smoothie Pops Recipe | Allrecipes Strawberry Lime Smoothie Pops R Strawberry banana smoothie pops make an easy summertime frozen treat. By Almond Breeze SavePinPrintShare Gallery Recipe Summary Prep: 10 mins Additional: 2 hrs Total: 2 hrs 10 mins Servings: 6 Yield: 6 -8 ice pops Nutrition Info Ingredients Decrease Serving 6 Increase Serving … Continue reading Strawberry Lime Smoothie Pops Recipe | Allrecipes

Dinner Ideas

Creamy Pumpkin Soup Original recipe yields 4 servings Ingredient Checklist 2 ½ cups chicken broth 1 (15 ounce) can pumpkin puree ½ onion, chopped 1 clove garlic, minced 1 teaspoon Cajun seasoning ½ cup heavy cream Add All Ingredients To Shopping List  Oops! We cannot find any ingredients on sale near you. Do we have the … Continue reading Dinner Ideas

Dinner Ideas

Garlic Basil Pizza BASIL AND GARLIC WHITE PIZZA Traditional pizza is always delicious, but there’s something about a cheese-filled white pizza that really hits the spot. Add on a slathering of garlic oil and plenty of basil and you’ll be in pizza heaven! (This recipe for Basil and Garlic White Pizza was originally published in … Continue reading Dinner Ideas

Breakfast Ideas

French Apple Cinnamon Tart Rustic French Apple Tart When we think of French desserts, we usually imagine fancy pâtisseries with pyramids of pastel-colored macarons and glossy fruit tarts. But when the French bake at home, they keep it simple. One of my favorite food writers, Dorie Greenspan, wrote of her time living in France: “No matter … Continue reading Breakfast Ideas

Improve Your Culinary Skills With These Cooking Terms | Word Genius

via Improve Your Culinary Skills With These Cooking Terms | Word Genius Words for Cutting Techniques Dice To dice food is to finely chop it into small cubes. Onions and other vegetables are often diced for even cooking. "Dice" is also the plural for "die," the small cube with numbered sides featured in countless board … Continue reading Improve Your Culinary Skills With These Cooking Terms | Word Genius