Random Acts of Kindness

1. Buy a stranger a free pizza or a dessert 2. Help people move 3. Make peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for a local shelter. 4. Send an interesting article to a friend 5. Slip a bit of $$$ to a person who you know is having financial difficulty. Even better if they don’t know … Continue reading Random Acts of Kindness

Random Paragraph – writing prompt

Sometimes it's simply better to ignore the haters. That's the lesson that his dad had been trying to teach him, but he still couldn't let it go. He latched onto them and their hate and couldn't let it go, but he also realized that this wasn't healthy. That's when he came up with his devious … Continue reading Random Paragraph – writing prompt

Interesting Newsletter from Nik

Would They Miss You If You Were Gone? A simple definition for doing work that matters Four years ago, after six months of hard work, I finally did it: My email list reached 10,000 subscribers. I was ecstatic. 10,000 people. That’s a small stadium. Imagine a sold out arena, waiting for you — just for you — … Continue reading Interesting Newsletter from Nik

Random Phrases of the day

Down For The CountMeaning: Someone or something that looks to be defeated, or nearly so. What Goes Up Must Come DownMeaning: Things that go up must eventually return to the earth due to gravity. Not the Sharpest Tool in the ShedMeaning: Someone who isn't witty or sharp, but rather, they are ignorant, unintelligent, or senseless. Ugly DucklingMeaning: One who … Continue reading Random Phrases of the day

RANDOM facts

LegoLand Billund opened on the 7th June 1968, and attracted over 3,000 visitors on the first day! During 9/11, some fighters took off without live ammo, knowing that to stop the hijackers; the pilots might have to crash their fighters into the planes. There is a punctuation mark used to signify irony or sarcasm that … Continue reading RANDOM facts

Random Paragraph -Writing Prompt

She had been told time and time again that the most important steps were the first and the last. It was something that she carried within her in everything she did, but then he showed up and disrupted everything. He told her that she had it wrong. The first step wasn't the most important. The … Continue reading Random Paragraph -Writing Prompt

Random Phrases of the day

What Goes Up Must Come DownMeaning: Things that go up must eventually return to the earth due to gravity. Curiosity Killed The CatMeaning: Typically said to indicate that any further investigation into a situation may lead to harm. Every Cloud Has a Silver LiningMeaning: To be optimistic, even in difficullt times. Man of Few WordsMeaning: A person who does … Continue reading Random Phrases of the day