First let’s read the below quote I like.

“Take someone who doesn’t keep score, who’s not looking to be richer, or afraid of losing, who has not the slightest interest even in his own personality: he’s free.”

— Rumi Jalalu’l-Din

When I do Free Mentoring/ Pro-Bono Mentoring - This is what I mean, this is what I do.   But....

I make you keep the score as mentee

I wish . you riches

I wish you success

I am most interested in your reputation Building. 

I am your Mentor - Jay.


Plot Thickens:

Meaning: A situation that has gotten way more serious or interesting due to recent complexities or developments.

I am a WayFarer with feet firmly on the Ground. I wish to help people, I am a social entrepreneur advisor and a life coach. I love to write original quotes about life, disappointments, triumphs, relationships and everything in between.

I wanted to start a blog where the Plot Thickens Logo.pngsituation that has gotten way more serious or interesting due to recent complexities or developments and people need instant answers. I  motivate and impact people.

This blog is to Inspire, Influence and Impacts people Positively so they bring out their latent Strengths to the fore. Strengths come to light. monetize them. Live Life Well. Inspire others. Life is wonderful.

I hope all blog readers can join me on this journey.

Dhananjay Parkhe and his Mentoring Strategies :

JayMentor Compares his strategic advice for the Advanced Level ( C-Level Executives) with world’s Best Martial Arts in this series.

Offensive and Defensive Strategies – Using metaphors from Martial Arts techniques around the World.

Jay was attracted towards Martial Arts techniques. Call it his own survival instinct as a child – raised by a poor single parent mother, his obesity, lack of friends in a new school, no town, dependence on uncle as major support system and lack of academic help.

He learnt a few of them in NCC and in RSS and other places with different and toughest of Gurus, Ustaads and Mentors.  They first conditioned him into discipline before teaching him – let alone allowing him to practice any of them.

Jay’s interest grew and continued in these arts and he often compares them in his C-Level Executive Coaching/ C-Level aspirant’s coaching as he prepares them to be -( as he calls it “To become Better, still better to be able to beat the Best! “) as essence of his Coaching/ Mentoring exercises which are often tough due to his kickass nature, his strong use of words (  No slang, no abuse for Jay! ) in his stickler discipline which makes quite a few of them to quit as they can not go thru the mental discipline required at these levels.

Let us look at the First of such Martial Arts.

Kekil is a defensive and offensive martial art that focuses on beating your opponent by using every stronger point of your body as a possible weapon. The primary focus lies on both open hand techniques and choke holds and it often relies on the quick thinking and flexibility of yourself.

The biggest strength of Kekil is the ability to be both light footed and agile, as well as steady and unmovable. By manipulating the sense of balance of both fighters your opponent tends to become frustrated as none of their strikes hit, further giving you leverage to work with.

On the other hand the biggest weakness of Kekil is that opposite styles tend to gain the upper hand more easily. So if facing such an opponent all you can do is try to force your opponent into a position you can dominate from.