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Hire me as a speaker

Hire Me as a Speaker

As a professor of Ethics, CSR, Corporate Governance and Strategy and author for 15 years, I taught numerous classes, hopped around India to speak in different Indian cities,  give talks and interviews, and deliver keynote speeches both to small and large crowds. I’ve spoken for a variety of audiences, ranging from government institutions to Private businesses, Multinational Corporations, Trade Associations.  I have conducted over 1000 Internal Training Programs within the companies I have worked with for nearly 40 years. I am an Erudite Learner and practice my Speeches at ToastMasters Clubs.

I believe in Empathy and Sympathy. Sympathy means – I am Like you and Empathy – I like you!  If you’re like me, you may have also experienced boring and frustrating presentations. My keynotes  aim to engage and inspire audiences through captivating stories and real life experiences and anecdotes. My strength as speaker is making complex topics simple, with the aim to share  attendees with practical insights they can implement quickly.

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To book Jay for a speaking engagement, please contact his speaking agent, Blair Nichols, at parkhe@gmail.com.



Plot Thickens:

Meaning: A situation that has gotten way more serious or interesting due to recent complexities or developments.

I am a WayFarer with feet firmly on the Ground. I wish to help people, I am a social entrepreneur advisor and a life coach. I love to write original quotes about life, disappointments, triumphs, relationships and everything in between.

I wanted to start a blog where the Plot Thickens Logo.pngsituation that has gotten way more serious or interesting due to recent complexities or developments and people need instant answers. I  motivate and impact people.

This blog is to Inspire, Influence and Impacts people Positively so they bring out their latent Strengths to the fore. Strengths come to light. monetize them. Live Life Well. Inspire others. Life is wonderful.

I hope all blog readers can join me on this journey.