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No. 472 —May 15, 2022 — Read on FS

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“He who knows only his own side of the case, knows little of that.”

— John Stuart Mill

As Charlie Munger noted, “I never allow myself to have an opinion on anything that I don’t know the other side’s argument better than they do.”

Tiny Thought

Jim Rohn on how your mindset affects your destination.

“In life, the winds of circumstances blow on us all in an unending flow that touches each of our lives. It’s one thing to create change. It’s another thing—often unavoidable—to have change foisted upon you when you don’t expect it.

We all experienced the blowing winds of change. Yet some of us still manage to reach our intended destinations. What guides us to different shores is determined by the way we have chosen to set our sails. The way that each of us thinks makes the major difference in where each of us arrives.

Unforeseen circumstances happen to us all. We have disappointments and challenges. We all have reversals and those moments when, in spite of our best plans and efforts, things just seem to fall apart. Challenging circumstances are not events reserved for the poor, the uneducated or the destitute. The rich and the poor have marital problems. … In the final analysis, it is not what happens that determines the quality of our lives, it is what we choose to do when we discover that the wind has changed directions.

When things change, we must change. We must struggle to our feet again and reset the sail to steer us toward the destination of our own deliberate choosing. The set of the sail—how we think and how we respond—has a far greater capacity to alter our lives than any challenges we face. How quickly and responsibly we react to adversity is far more important than the adversity itself. Once we discipline ourselves to understand this, we will finally and willingly conclude that the great challenge of life is to control the process of our thinking.”

Source: How to Deal With the Unexpected

What I’m Reading

The Weirdest Coaching Staff in Baseball. “If you want to have a wide variety of human beings for players to connect with, you can’t have them all cut from the same cloth.”

IRR is a Vanity Metric. “Interim IRR is much too easily manipulated and in some cases incents behavior counter to the long-term benefit of LPs (and GPs).”

A Clash of Two Systems. “The war in Ukraine is a confrontation between two systems, one modern, legalistic, decentralized and multicephalous; the other archaic, nationalistic, centralized and monocephalous.

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Stay safe,— Shane

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