MAKING OUR DECISION: via Seth Godin Newsletter

Making our decisions [ ]

For trivial matters, it’s efficient and perhaps useful to simply follow a crowd or whatever leader we’ve chosen.

But when it matters, we need to make (and own) our own decisions.

To do that effectively, consider:

– Do the reading
– Show your work
– Avoid voices with a long track record of being wrong
– Ask, “and then what happens?”
– Ask, “how would that work?”
– Ignore people who make a living saying stupid things to attract attention
– Follow a path you’re eager and happy to take responsibility for
– Be prepared to change your mind when new data arrives
– Think hard about who profits and why they want you to believe something
– Consider the long-term impact of short-term thinking

None of these steps are easy. This could be why we so often outsource them to someone else.