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Recent sanctions mean it is more important than ever to fully understand the entities you are working with, and who owns them.

Do you know if the UBO of one of your suppliers has influence or interest in a sanctioned entity? Also did you know an individuals separate entities can be sanctioned by extension? Your third parties could be affected by the recent Russian sanctions and you should be confident that your ongoing monitoring alerts system is fully functional. 

From comprehensive screening against recently imposed sanctions and watchlists to expert enhanced due diligence reports which identify hidden business owners, watch this recorded session where we will walk you through our end-to-end process and show you how to identify and understand high-risk individuals and entities in light of recent events in Ukraine. Also tune in to find out about the new ethiXbase Sanctions Risk Instant Questionnaire and truly understand who you work with – if you can’t wait and want to take action now Request A Demo Today
Webcast: Beyond Screening – How to Safeguard your Company from Sanctions Exposure  
Where: Recording available now – Watch webcast recording

Download the recording to learn:

  • How to gain access to the most significant global database of high-risk individuals and organisations
  • How our business screening solutions and instant due diligence reports can identify risk against recent sanctions
  • How the 50% rules impact your business and what regulators expect 
  • Other considerations when understanding your organisations exposure to sanctioned individuals 
  • How to unwrap the corporate structure of entities, identify UBOs and the methods used to conceal identity 
  • The roles of questionnaire, enhanced due diligence and wider compliance processes in sanctions screening


    • Cagdas Cataltas, Director, Business Intelligence & Corporate Research – ethiXbase
    • James Swenson – Managing Director, Research & Operations – ethiXbase
    • Phoebe Robertson – Senior Product Manager – ethiXbase

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