Stoic Calendar via Stoic Newsletter

Earlier this week, we announced Daily Stoic’s newest creation: The Memento Mori Calendar.

The average human lifespan nowadays is 80 years. That means, your life is made up of (hopefully) 4,160 weeks. So the Memento Mori Calendar has 4,160 dots, each dot representing a week of your life and each row representing 2 years of your life. By filling in the Memento Mori Calendar every week, you will not only see how much life you’ve already lived (or as Seneca says, how much you’ve already died), but also how much life you’ve (hopefully) got left.

And of course, none of those to-be-filled-in dots are guaranteed. Every day it is true: this could be your last day on this planet. As wonderful as it would be if there was no such thing as death, we have to use death as a tool. We have to use it as a spur to move us forward. We have to use it as a reminder of what’s truly important and we have to be made better for the fact that we don’t know how much time we have. We never do. And we never will.

Memento Mori.

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