In 69 years…. Only this much…

I wish I was a Param-arthi not swarthi.

Dhananjay Parkhe Ambivert Author. Global Speaker. Outstanding Mentor. Strategic Thinker.

Thought Leader. Calculated Risk-Taker. Passionate about purpose.

ALL-in Commitment as Pro-Bono Advisor to Healthcare for Humanity.

Knowledge Comes and Wisdom LIngers Skills remain for life.

Mentor Provokes. sets your life on fire. It is he who seeks your Strengths Sparks and fans them into your inner flames. .

“Weakness can be coached to average, but strength can be leveraged to the moon.” — Laurence Endersen.

Dhananjay Uses Strengths-based Mentoring for Startpreneurs and C-Suite Aspirants.

Mastery in Servitude as Avatar Meher Baba taught.