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Ukraine War: A Reshuffling of the Global Monetary Order?

The unprecedented weaponization of global financial circuits in the wake of the Ukraine war could end up backfiring by jeopardizing the US dollar’s enduring position as global reserve currency.

ICJ to Rule on Colombia-Nicaragua Maritime Dispute
AUKUS and Its Implications on Maritime Security
The International Court of Justice is not perfect, but it’s still favored by some Latin American governments as a dispute resolution mechanism. This article examines some recent cases involving Colombia and Nicaragua.
The AUKUS deal between Australia, UK, and US highlights the growing weight of geopolitical issues in maritime security.
A World Remade? Lessons from the Ukraine War
Ending America’s Trade War with China Won’t Stop Inflation
The Ukraine war is producing some bitter lessons for those who believed that global society had moved beyond nation-based geopolitics.
Tariffs are questionable economic policy, but their role in inflation is minimal.