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Using a true multidisciplinary understanding of things, my friend Peter Kaufman identifies two overlooked, parabolic “Big Ideas”: Mirrored Reciprocation (go positive and go first) and Compound Interest (being constant).

A great “life hack” is to simply combine these two into one basic approach to living your life: “Go positive and go first and be constant in doing it.”

 The Multidisciplinary Approach to Thinking


“You should, in science, believe logic and arguments, carefully drawn, and not authorities.”

— Richard Feynman

Tiny Thought

Many ideas get dismissed because they come from someone we don’t like.

You would never choose to only use half your talent but that is effectively what you’re doing when you dismiss useful ideas from people you don’t like.

You can agree with the idea without needing to agree with the person.

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“Disagreement with seniority in a constructive way usually shows that the team has their shit together. It means that they know more than you do and that’s good. They inevitably should know more than I do.”

→ Mike Cannon-Brookes

“When someone is giving you feedback, they’re doing you a favor. Even if they’re breaking all the rules in this essay, even if you’re upset to hear about your mistakes, and even if you think they are wrong and you shouldn’t change your behavior, they’re giving you the gift of information you didn’t have before.”

→ Feedback

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