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I hope you had a good week. Once again, we’ve summarized a mix of classics and new bestsellers for you.

Let’s get right into it!

Beyond Order by Jordan B. Peterson

Beyond Order is the long awaited follow-up to Peterson’s mega-bestseller 12 Rules for Life. Whereas the first book focused more on removing chaos from your life and restoring structure, the second is about the drawbacks of too much structure and how to thrive in the chaos we all inevitably have to face regardless.

If you want to live a courageous, meaningful life, watch this!

The Why Cafe by John P. Strelecky

1-Sentence-SummaryThe Why Cafe delves into the idea of purpose, the meaning we have on earth, and how to live the life you have imagined, based on a fictional encounter in a simple yet magical cafe.

Top 3 Lessons:

  1. Material things can actually make us more unhappy in the end.
  2. Find your purpose, and once you do, don’t let anyone stand in your way.
  3. When you realize what you want out of life and manifest it, you’ll attract more luck.

If you want to find your life’s meaning, this book is for you.

How To Think Like A Roman Emperor by Donald Robertson

1-Sentence-SummaryHow to Think Like a Roman Emperor explores the principles followed by the Stoics, like Roman emperor Marcus Aurelius, who guided himself according to this ancient way of thinking and left behind a series of valuable lessons that all of us can learn from even today.

Top 3 Lessons:

  1. We come from nature, and we’ll return to it eventually, so it’s only essential to live in agreement with it.
  2. Life is about constant improvement, so we should all work on our virtues every day.
  3. Stoics know that there’s no point in worrying over what you can’t control, but rather make peace with it.

If you want to learn more about the Stoic philosophy and the ancient emperors who followed it, this book is for you.

Waking Up by Sam Harris

1-Sentence-SummaryWaking Up is a guide to mindfulness, spirituality, meditation, and understanding religion, analyzing these topics from a neutral point of view to create a bridge between atheists and believers, all while explaining a series of core aspects regarding spirituality and how the mind works.

Top 3 Lessons:

  1. Mindfulness comes through meditation and accepting spirituality as part of your life.
  2. To grow spiritually, you must overcome your conventional self.
  3. Deal with pain and negative events by acknowledging them and actively looking for solutions.

If you want to explore religion and spirituality from a neutral point of view, this book is for you.

That’s all for this week. Have a good weekend!

Happy reading,-Nik


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