FP Editor’s Picks Newsletter

MARCH 10, 2022 | 
1  High stakes. As Russian forces bombard Ukraine, Kyiv has pleaded for Western military assistance. But the West has yet to figure out how to deliver its high-end arms, FP’s Amy Mackinnon and Jack Detsch report.  
2  Deadly disinformation. Russian officials have endorsed a viral conspiracy theory about Ukrainian biolabs. U.S. officials warn that may be used as cover for a bioweapons attack, Justin Ling reports.  
3  Difficult choice. For years, Turkey has performed a delicate balancing act between Russia and Ukraine. Ankara now faces growing pressure to pick sides, Jeffrey Mankoff writes  
4  New comeback. Diplomats and experts have long claimed that political Islam is declining in the Middle East. That idea has been greatly exaggerated, FP’s Steven A. Cook writes.  
5  Big ambitions. As India attempts to bolster its defense industry, it faces considerable obstacles in meeting export demand and customer requirements, Harsh V. Pant and Angad Singh write.