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MARCH 02, 2022 |

Shifting line. As Russian forces advance in Ukraine, Chinese media organizations are struggling to follow Beijing’s changing guidelines on covering the invasion, Tracy Wen Liu writes.


Syria playbook. Less than a week after invading Ukraine, Russia is resorting to the same brutal playbook that brought immense levels of death in Syria, Jack Losh reports.


Fundamental shift. Japan is typically reluctant to interfere in other countries’ affairs. But Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has pushed Tokyo to adopt a harder stance, James D.J. Brown and William Sposato write.


Show of solidarity. The Polish press has been widely unified in expressing its support for Ukraine, a response that reflects popular sentiment, Luka Ivan Jukic reports.


Targeting women. The Taliban are imposing discriminatory new requirements on the country’s health care system and preventing many women from seeking the care they need, Zahra Nader and Nargis Amini report.