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MARCH 01, 2022 |

Nuclear button. Russian President Vladimir Putin is stoking European countries’ deepest fear: a continental war that could include nuclear weapons, FP’s Anchal Vohra writes.


Striking fear. Russian forces will likely deploy vacuum bombs—weapons that suck oxygen out of the air—to terrorize the Ukrainian army and civilians, FP’s Jack Detsch reports.


Europe’s 9/11. Europeans are beginning to understand why more than two decades of diplomacy with Putin have amounted to nothing: a lack of hard power, FP’s Caroline de Gruyter writes.


Dollars of war. As Washington and Brussels attempt to freeze Moscow out of the international financial system, their sanctions have sent shock waves through the Russian economy, FP’s Amy Mackinnon reports.


Undercutting peace? The United States has backed a United Nations resolution that designates Yemen’s Houthi rebels as terrorists, despite warnings it could exacerbate the country’s humanitarian crisis, FP’s Colum Lynch reports.