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FEBRUARY 28, 2022 |

Accidental revolution. German politics is traditionally characterized by cautious continuity. Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has triggered a dramatic reversal of Germany’s grand strategy, Jeff Rathke writes.


Psychological weapon. In an effort to force Kyiv’s surrender, Moscow has launched a large-scale propaganda campaign in Ukraine. Its efforts have backfired spectacularly, Justin Ling writes.


NATO’s role. Ret. Gen. Philip Breedlove, NATO’s former supreme allied commander in Europe, called for a no-fly zone and discussed Russian President Vladimir Putin’s state of mind in an interview with FP’s Amy Mackinnon.


Fragile friendship. Russia’s adventurism in Ukraine puts China in a precarious situation. The last thing Beijing wants is a flood of additional external challenges, Melinda Liu writes.


Desperate choice. Russia’s assault on Ukraine has sent hundreds of thousands of civilians on dangerous journeys across the country. They face a future of terrifying uncertainty, Jack Losh reports.