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FEBRUARY 26, 2022 |

Out of time. Masouma Tajik, a 23-year-old Afghan recent graduate, fled for safety in Ukraine when the Taliban seized power. She is now facing war again, FP’s Amy Mackinnon reports.


Enduring rival. After the Cold War, the United States pursued a set of hubristic policies that laid the groundwork for Russian President Vladimir Putin’s rise to power, FP’s Michael Hirsh writes.


Sharp focus. The Biden administration’s new Indo-Pacific Strategy underscores the significance it attaches to the region, even as it grapples with Russian aggression, FP’s Sumit Ganguly writes.


Human toll. Hours after Putin offered “de-Nazification” as a flimsy pretext for invading Ukraine, Russian missiles hit the historical Ukrainian Jewish town of Uman, Justin Ling writes.


Social media offensive. As columns of Russian tanks rolled into Ukraine, Moscow also launched an information warfare assault on the country, Justin Ling writes.