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November 14, 2021 Procedure Jennifer Huang I wear the gown wrong so I can't be touched.But the doctor, delicate in her asking, asks meTo open. I am not accustomed to this gentle;I crush it. It is summer here. These wallsFluorescent white so light I can feel me burn.The doctor and a body. The vinegarShe puts … Continue reading Newsletter – Poem of the day

A veteran helped spread viral 9/11 conspiracy theories. Can he start over?

Nearly 20 years after shipping off to war, a soldier who helped make the ‘Loose Change’ video wrestles with the power stories have to heal and to destroy.

What happened to Eric Clapton?

The guitar legend has long been inscrutable, but his covid turn has friends and fans puzzled like never before.


WORD OF THE DAY Armamentariumarm-ə-men-TER-ee-əmPart of speech: nounOrigin: Latin, 19th century 1The medicines, equipment, and techniques available to a medical practitioner; the collection of weapons and military equipment in a country's possession.2A collection of resources available for a certain purpose.   Examples of Armamentarium in a sentence "The hospital’s armamentarium should always be well-stocked." "Parents of a newborn are always surprised … Continue reading WOTD

Did you know…

Did you know... ... that today is Faraway Day? In 2003, Sedna, the most distant object ever found in our solar system, was discovered by astronomers at the Mount Palomar Observatory. Trivia buffs: Sedna's exceptionally long and elongated orbit around the sun takes approximately 11,400 years to complete!~~~ Today's Inspirational Quote: "The minute you own … Continue reading Did you know…

10 Abandoned Buildings Turned into Homes

10 Abandoned Buildings Turned into Homes by Adrian Sharp fact checked by Rachel Jones Would you like to read the good news or bad news first? The bad news is that millennia of warfare, death, and obsolescence have left behind a world full of abandoned and dilapidated buildings and other structures. The good news is that the … Continue reading 10 Abandoned Buildings Turned into Homes

10 Biggest Myths about Rasputin That People Still Believe Today

10 Biggest Myths about Rasputin That People Still Believe Today by R P Gibson fact checked by Darci Heikkinen There is perhaps no man shrouded in more mystery and mythology than Grigori Rasputin. Born in an obscure Siberian peasant village in 1869, a religious conversion and career as a traveling holy man and healer led Rasputin to … Continue reading 10 Biggest Myths about Rasputin That People Still Believe Today

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10 Shocking Facts About The Rajneesh Movement by M David Scott fact checked by Jamie Frater The Rajneesh movement made its way to Oregon in 1981 and was led by Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh. The religious cult made national news after engaging in immigration fraud, busing homeless people to their commune, and perpetrating the largest bioterrorism attack in US history … Continue reading VIA Listverse Newsletter