The Marginalian Newsletter

This is the midweek edition of The Marginalian (formerly Brain Pickings) by Maria Popova — one piece resurfaced from the fifteen-year archive as timeless uplift for heart, mind, and spirit. If you missed last week's archival resurrection — the topography of tears — you can catch up right here. If you missed my very personal essay about the name-change, … Continue reading The Marginalian Newsletter

10 Little-Known Facts About The Second World War

by C.J. Phillips fact checked by Jamie Frater Hitler was a bad guy. That is an example of a well known fact about the second world war. There aren’t many periods in world history that have been more scrutinized, had more written about them or inspired more creative works than WWII (the tiny mustache boogaloo). Given just … Continue reading 10 Little-Known Facts About The Second World War