FP Editor’s Pick

1 Exit strategy. As conflict in Ethiopia escalates, the U.S. State Department is launching a new task force to plot an escape route for U.S. citizens and embassy personnel, FP’s Robbie Gramer reports in an exclusive. 2 Suffering generation. The Netflix show “Squid Game” reflects a landscape of despair in South Korea. For two decades, young South Koreans have … Continue reading FP Editor’s Pick

10 Little-Known Facts About Alcoholics Anonymous

10 Little-Known Facts About Alcoholics Anonymous by Christopher Dale fact checked by Jamie Frater Ever wonder what those folks smoking outside a church at 8:00 PM on a random Tuesday are doing? Chances are they’re about to step into a meeting of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and . . . do what exactly? Despite its millions of members, AA remains a mystery to many … Continue reading 10 Little-Known Facts About Alcoholics Anonymous