NEWSLETTER: FP Editor’s Picks


Misguided approach. Thirty years ago, the Madrid peace conference intended to resolve the Arab-Israeli conflict. Regional cooperation failed to facilitate peace then—and it’s likely to fail again, Dalia Dassa Kaye writes.


Big gamble. The Sudanese military expected limited resistance when it seized power. It underestimated the passion and resilience of the Sudanese people, Rebecca Hamilton writes.


Shifting identity. India’s foreign policy in the Middle East has fundamentally shifted: New Delhi is now advancing its own interests instead of supporting another country’s empire, FP’s C. Raja Mohan writes.


Loneliest lactation consultant. Pakistan has 50 million women of childbearing age—yet only one practicing lactation consultant to help them feed their newborns, Hina Husain writes.


What in the world? From departing princesses to record-breaking giant pumpkins, this has been a busy week in international news! Are you up to speed? Test yourself in our weekly news quiz by FP’s Nina Goldman.