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 Friday 29 October 2021 
Thinkers and theoriesEssayHegel todayToo dense, too abstract, too suspect, Hegel was outside the Anglophone canon for a century. Why is his star rising again?by Willem deVries CosmologyEssayThe search for alien techThere’s a new plan to find extraterrestrial civilisations by the way they live. But if we can see them, can they see us?by Corey S Powell 
Change and self-developmentIdeaPhilosophy is like athletics – theory must be put into practiceby Michael Tremblay Psychosis and schizophreniaIdeaPeople with psychosis can heal by rebuilding their life storiesby Henry R Cowan 
How Chinese philosophy can help you parentConfucianism and Daoism suggest ways to guide your children toward meaning and fulfilment rather than wealth and prestigeby Erin Cline
Race and ethnicityVideoSeeking authenticity in a Chinatown built for tourists and Hollywood movies23 minutes WorkVideo‘Why does life have to be so complicated?’ A school trip to the world of work12 minutes 
Human evolutionEssayHomo imaginatusImagination isn’t just a spillover from our problem-solving prowess. It might be the core of what human brains evolved to doby Philip Ball ArchitectureEssayHeritage at seaMust we simply accept the loss of beloved buildings and cities to the floods and rising seas of the climate crisis?by Thijs Weststeijn 
TravelIdeaWhy virtual travel is no substitute for being in a placeby Emily Thomas Therapeutic relationshipsIdeaPsychodynamic therapy helped me overcome trauma when CBT couldn’tby Lucia Osborne-Crowley 
Philosophy of mindVideoForget babbling and toddling – mindreading is babies’ most incredible skill7 minutes Beauty and aestheticsEditors’ pick VideoMaybe I’m not even here, and other crazy, beautiful stuff physics told me3 minutes 
Transcendent experienceFilm Video IconFrom the astronauts to humanity itself, ‘Earthrise’ has left an indelible mark30 minutes
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