15 Quotes on the Beauty of Autumn

15 Quotes on the Beauty of Autumn

Like spring, autumn is a season of transformation. As we watch the leaves change and fall, it’s natural to reflect on the seasons of our own lives and the large and small shifts that are underway. Autumn is also a time for harvesting the fruits of our labors — both literally and figuratively — as well as celebrating our growth and gathering with loved ones for time-honored holidays and traditions.

In many parts of the world, autumn is marked by a parade of fiery hues on the boughs above our heads. Deciduous trees light up with a burst of color — greens become yellows, oranges, reds, purples, and browns as the intensity of summer dramatically gives way to a more subdued time of year. There are so many ways to revel in the fall season; it might be a warm scarf, mug of hot cider, spooky jack-o’-lantern, hiking and camping, reunion with loved ones, or a return to campuses and athletic fields. However you choose to spend this season of change, these 15 quotes are bound to invigorate your appreciation for autumn.

Autumn brings a longing to get away from the unreal things of life, out into the forest at night with a campfire and the rustling leaves.
— Margaret Elizabeth Sangster, poet

I loved autumn, the one season of the year that God seemed to have put there just for the beauty of it.
— Lee Maynard, writer

If winter is slumber, and spring is birth, and summer is life, then autumn rounds out to be reflection.
— Mitchell Burgess, writer and  producer

Autumn is a second spring, when every leaf is a flower.
— Albert Camus

October, baptize me with leaves! Swaddle me in corduroy and nurse me with split pea soup. October, tuck tiny candy bars in my pockets and carve my smile into a thousand pumpkins.
— Rainbow Rowell, author

Autumn passes, and one remembers one’s reverence.
— Yoko Ono

Another fall, another turned page: there was something of jubilee in that annual autumnal beginning, as if last year’s mistakes had been wiped clean by summer.
— Wallace Stegner, writer and historian

It’s the good kind of ache, like the feeling you get on the first real day of autumn, when the air is crisp and the leaves are all flaring at the edges and the wind smells just vaguely of smoke – like the end and the beginning of something all at once.
— Lauren Oliver, author

Every leaf speaks bliss to me, fluttering from the autumn tree.
— Emily Brontë

I’m so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers.
— L.M. Montgomery

It’s the first day of autumn! A time of hot chocolatey mornings, and toasty marshmallow evenings, and, best of all, leaping into leaves!
— A. A. Milne

I cannot endure to waste anything so precious as autumnal sunshine by staying in the house.
— Nathaniel Hawthorne

[Autumn’s] golden richness speaks not of the innocence of spring, nor of the power of summer, but of the mellowness and kindly wisdom of approaching age. It knows the limitations of life.
— Lin Yutang, writer and inventor

There is something so special in the early leaves drifting from the trees — as if we are all to be allowed a chance to peel, to refresh, to start again.
— Ruth Ahmed, pseudonym for the writing team of Anstey Spraggan and Dimmi Khan

Don’t you love New York in the fall? It makes me want to buy school supplies. I would send you a bouquet of newly sharpened pencils if I knew your name and address.
— Nora Ephron and Delia Ephron, writers