Newsletter: FP Editor’s Pick


“Degree of paranoia.” Over the past decade, North Korea has deployed an increasingly sophisticated campaign of cyberattacks, secret bank accounts, and front companies to evade U.N. sanctions, FP’s Colum Lynch reports.


Aid diplomacy? Many members of the international community think foreign aid can help push the Taliban to moderate their rule. It isn’t the political lever they hope it will be, Haley Swedlund, Romain Malejacq, and Malte Lierl write.


Flawed justice. Since taking control of Afghanistan, the Taliban have been charged with delivering justice across the country. But they have a limited understanding of the laws they are imposing, Stefanie Glinski reports.


Foreign interference. Beijing is increasingly using both state and nonstate agents to threaten academic freedom in Germany. Berlin has been staying silent, Andreas Fulda and David Missal write.


Economic maelstrom. As Turkey plunges deeper into an economic crisis, many citizens are demanding change. The Turkish opposition could reverse the country’s slide, Umit Ozlale and Selim Sazak write.