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October 28, 2021
Rob Schlege
lis pointless, my son says. If you write that down
I’ll kill you. I fear he fears
the attention I give it. I used to drive
till he fell asleep. Ten minutes, then silence

the river knit with ice. In tonight’s movie
a boat swerves against bullets.
He sings the movie’s theme. I kill you,
you kill me
. Plot against all

that is good. Good for whom?
I know every word that rhymes
with my assailant’s first name. It’s difficult
to achieve real-world fear

in a movie. My son crawls into bed.
There’s nothing I need more than you, I say.
Not true, he says. The rudder turns
in my throat. Every sleep he needs me less.from the journal POETRYREAD ABOUT TODAY’S POEM