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26th October 2021


Israel has long-viewed a nuclear Iran as an ‘existential threat’ to its existence and now believes that it could be closer than ever gaining nuclear weapons. So, could now be the time we see Israel take direct action against Iran’s nuclear facilities to prevent this from happening?

Find included on this blog: A webinar hosted by Intelligence Fusion CEO, Michael McCabe, and Senior Regional Analyst for the Middle East and Asia, Max Taylor, discussing the potential for Israel to strike Iran.

Originally broadcast on the 15th October 2021.



How will Taliban rule in Afghanistan impact the TAPI Pipeline project?

In the latest episode of The Insight, Senior Regional Analyst for the Middle East and Asia, Max Taylor, takes a look at how the Taliban takeover in Afghanistan will impact the TAPI Pipeline – a potential billion-dollar project aiming to connect rich oil reserves in Turkmenistan to Pakistan and India via Afghanistan.

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How have nation state cyber attacks started to impact the world of business?

Cyber attacks are quickly becoming one of the key operational risks that a business needs to plan for. We sat down with Intelligence Fusion chair and cyber security expert, Robert Hayes, to discuss what actions could be taken to improve the security.



Catch up: The 5 biggest challenges facing oil and gas in 2022

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Whilst the oil and gas industry is accustomed to economic highs and lows, from a security and intelligence perspective, we see five main challenges facing sector that will contribute to how the next decade plays out.


Catch up: The role of natural resources in conflict

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Natural resource conflict is nothing new and in many regions it can be quickly resolved without escalation. But as the demand and pressure for natural resources grows significantly, the potential for resource-based conflict is becoming of greater concern.