Newsletter: FP Editor’s Picks


Power grab. Sudan’s military leader seized power just an hour after the U.S. envoy departed. The fate of the country’s fragile democratic transition now hangs in the balance, FP’s Robbie Gramer and Colum Lynch report.


Creeping censorship. As its influence grows, China is intent not only on severely restricting speech within its borders, but also on dictating global narratives about the country, Suzanne Nossel writes.


Trans-Atlantic love fest? After four years of estrangement, Europe and the United States looked like they had reunited this summer. But they were never going to be the happy couple in a geopolitical rom-com, Daniel Baer writes.


Rebuilding partnerships. The United States is neglecting key relationships that would strengthen its global standing. To bolster its position, it should formalize an alliance with India, Nikki Haley and Mike Waltz write.


Ready for battle? The Pentagon has long insisted that the U.S. Army forces stationed on the Korean Peninsula are ready to “fight tonight” if war breaks out. But some soldiers aren’t so sure, FP’s Jack Detsch reports in an exclusive.