FP Newsletter: Editor’s Picks


Sham meritocracy. China’s ultracompetitive and tightly controlled meritocratic system once propelled its economic rise. But it has fostered burnout among young Chinese, Helen Gao writes.


Get serious. Washington has been behaving like an incompetent superpower. If it wants to influence global politics and improve Americans’ quality of life, it needs to focus on real threats, FP’s Stephen M. Walt writes.


Trapped in the past. The Pentagon has the military technology of the future. But its office culture is stuck in the 1960s, Zachery Tyson Brown and Kathleen J. McInnis write.


Limited options. The investigation over the Beirut port blast has pushed Hezbollah into a corner. Now, violence may be the only choice it has left, Oz Katerji writes.


Espionage thriller. A gripping new spy novel, Damascus Station, offers an alternative to the Obama administration’s failed policy in Syria, Douglas London writes.