How Nietzsche can improve your love life

The infamous misogynist had some profound insights on romance. KEY TAKEAWAYS Friedrich Nietzsche had a nasty attitude toward women, which almost certainly developed after some bad personal experiences.  His misogyny is a shame because he actually had some good relationship advice to offer. Nietzsche noted that conversation and friendship were vital to a marriage or long-term relationship. … Continue reading How Nietzsche can improve your love life

FP Editor’s pick via newsletter

   1  Energy crunch. Europe is in the throes of an energy crisis, with natural gas prices surging by almost 400 percent. Russia holds one of the keys to resolving it, Alexander Gabuev writes.    2  Digital dangers? Many U.S. policymakers are concerned that China’s digital yuan could have dire ramifications for the United States. But it poses no threat to dollar hegemony, … Continue reading FP Editor’s pick via newsletter

Newsletter: James Clear

“The most wisdom per word of any newsletter on the web.” 3-2-1: Trying new ideas, preparation, and taking action read onJAMESCLEAR.COM | OCTOBER 21, 2021 Happy 3-2-1 Thursday, Here are 3 ideas, 2 quotes, and 1 question to consider this week... ​ ​ 3 Ideas From Me I. "One of the only true shortcuts in life is … Continue reading Newsletter: James Clear