Newsletter: Foreign POlicy


Peak power. China only has a short period of time to achieve its political goals, and as it becomes increasingly emboldened, the world is entering a dangerous decade, Andrew S. Erickson and Gabriel B. Collins write.


Summit for democracy? U.S. President Joe Biden is sending out invites for his virtual Summit for Democracy, but the list includes some countries with questionable democratic histories, FP’s Amy Mackinnon reports in an exclusive.


Undefined mission. The Biden administration is making a mistake by centering the National Defense Strategy around “strategic competition,” language that is even broader than its predecessor’s, Becca Wasser and Stacie Pettyjohn write.


Beijing’s breakthrough? In August, China reportedly tested a new hypersonic weapons system that circled the globe. That’s bad news—but not for the reasons one might think, Jeffrey Lewis writes.


Global challenge. Africa is facing a youth employment crisis. As long as it persists, achieving and sustaining global development will be impossible, Audrey Donkor writes.