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Did you know... ... that today is Sammy Morse Day? In 1842, Samuel F.B. Morse laid the first telegraph cable between Battery and Governor's Islands in New York harbor. Samuel was also co-inventor of the Morse code, an alphabetic code of long and short sounds. The long sounds are referred to as dashes, while the … Continue reading Did you know…

10 Strangest Judicial Punishments in History

10 Strangest Judicial Punishments in History by Alex Miller fact checked by Darci Heikkinen Criminal punishment in most of the Western world is fairly straightforward today; most who have committed a crime can simply expect either a fine or varying amounts of prison time based on their misdeed’s severity. These, however, haven’t always been simple facts. History … Continue reading 10 Strangest Judicial Punishments in History

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October 19, 2021 Two Poems Marjorie Welish Itself Sedentary in another language is language as such Whether or not we can read it, sought Because home. Inscription composted space works this interrogation of me: "You have a nice listening face," Inspection shining forth. You face + the animal kingdom. There was once transparency near the face … Continue reading Newsletter: Poem.com

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Insight “It had long since come to my attention that people of accomplishment rarely sat back and let things happen to them. They went out and happened to things.” — Elinor Smith Tiny Thought We tend to think that what we think is true. And because we think something is true, we ignore information that … Continue reading VIA: BrainFood Newsletter


WORD OF THE DAY October 19, 2021 nomenclature  noun | NOH-mun-klay-cher What It Means Nomenclature can mean "name," but it is most often used for a system of names or naming for things especially in science. // Starting a new job or entering a new field of study means becoming familiar with the nomenclature. See the entry > Scroll … Continue reading W.O.T.D.

Yogi Berra’s Funniest ‘Yogi-isms’

Yogi Berra’s Funniest ‘Yogi-isms’ September 7, 2021 Yogi Berra made his Major League Baseball debut for the New York Yankees in 1946. The 21-year-old catcher would go on to play 19 seasons — all but the last season for the Yankees — in a career that made him a baseball legend. He won 10 World … Continue reading Yogi Berra’s Funniest ‘Yogi-isms’

15 Carl Sagan Quotes on Life, the Universe, and the Cosmic Perspective

15 Carl Sagan Quotes on Life, the Universe, and the Cosmic Perspective March 2, 2021 When Carl Sagan studied the universe, he saw more than data and science. Known for popularizing and promoting public understanding of astronomy, the famed scientist was as much a creative thinker and writer as he was a planetary expert. He … Continue reading 15 Carl Sagan Quotes on Life, the Universe, and the Cosmic Perspective

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“The most wisdom per word of any newsletter on the web.” 3-2-1: The secret to productivity and the power of collective hope read on JAMESCLEAR.COM | OCTOBER 14, 2021 Happy 3-2-1 Thursday, Here are 3 ideas, 2 quotes, and 1 question to consider this week... ​ ​ 3 Ideas From Me I. "The secret to being productive is … Continue reading Fav Newsletters – James Clear’s Newsletter

Top 10 Behind-The-Scenes Stories From The Best Action Movies – Listverse.

Top 10 Behind-The-Scenes Stories From The Best Action Movies by R. Vega fact checked by Jamie Frater Discover how contemporary film—and the action genre in particular—evolved from behind-the-scenes antics and production quirks in classic action movies. Heck, an entire college course could be taught on Arnold Schwarzenegger alone. But we’ll focus on a variety of performances and … Continue reading Top 10 Behind-The-Scenes Stories From The Best Action Movies – Listverse.

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Top 10 Best Military Forces In History by Himanshu Sharma fact checked by Jamie Frater The history of humankind is essentially the history of war itself. For as long as people have existed, so have reasons for them to fight, either for territorial domination, resources, or, in more recent cases, fossil fuel reserves. And throughout history, some … Continue reading Via Listverse newsletter

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10 Screen Greats Never Voted Oscar’s “Best” by Barbara J Petoskey fact checked by Darci Heikkinen And the Oscar goes to…somebody else. What could be a better demonstration of acting chops than to smile graciously into the camera when that special envelope is torn apart and another’s name is announced? James Stewart was so modest about the … Continue reading Listverse Newsletter

  Requested Ministry-wise PIB releases.

Press Information Bureau Government of India Requested Ministry-wise PIB releases. •Update on COVID-19 Vaccine Availability in States/UTs •India’s Cumulative COVID-19 Vaccination Coverage exceeds 97.79 Cr •SELECTION RALLY (FOR PUNJAB, HIMACHAL,AND J&K) FOR ENROLMENT OF OUTSTANDING YOUNG BOYS IN HANDBALL SPORTS DISCIPLINE OF BOYS SPORTS COMPANY THE DOGRA REGIMENTAL CENTRE,FAIZABAD (UP) WEF 08 NOV 2021 • SELECTION … Continue reading   Requested Ministry-wise PIB releases.