WORD OF THE DAY Esemplastic es-em-PLAS-tikPart of speech: adjectiveOrigin: Greek, early 19th century 1Molding into one; unifying.   Examples of Esemplastic in a sentence "The pastor shared his esemplastic sermon with joy." "Only a handful of presidential candidates can craft a truly esemplastic message."

Give Yourself a Break: The Power of Self-Compassion

When you have a setback at work, treat yourself as you would a friend: with kindness and understanding. by  Serena Chen https://hbr.org/2018/09/give-yourself-a-break-the-power-of-self-compassion?cid=other-eml-ofl-mip-mck&hlkid=f9f164cc8ae149e799d6dcdfcb28e73c&hctky=12542184&hdpid=29481adb-895d-499e-8c7a-a1583883a7c3


WORD OF THE DAY October 4, 2021 mettle  noun | MET-ul What It Means Mettle refers to the ability to continue in spite of difficulties. // The contestants proved their mettle by completing the triathlon. See the entry > Scroll down for more about mettle PEOPLE ARE READING 8 Words for Introverts Merriam-Webster's Words of the Week - Oct. 1 Word Well … Continue reading MW W.O.T.D.

Quotes From Writers on the Love of a Pet

16 Quotes From Writers on the Love of a Pet Writers are often considered solitary creatures, typing away in self-imposed isolation as they strive to finish their next great poem or novel. But that image softens when you consider who might be sitting by their feet, lying on their lap, or perched on their shoulder … Continue reading Quotes From Writers on the Love of a Pet

Good morning. 5th October 2021

Day 25019 of life - (fact checked on Biorhythm  calculator) 🙂 Did you know... ... that today is International Toot Your Flute Day? Take time to do some shameless self-promotion. Toot your own flute! Don't be modest. Let everyone know how great you are! :-)~~~ Today's Inspirational Quote: "There's always going to be bad stuff … Continue reading Good morning. 5th October 2021

Common Sense Quotes and Words of Wisdom

Common Sense Quotes and Words of Wisdom These common sense quotes and sayings about behavior and knowledge will expand your mind. Common sense helps us navigate the problems we face in life each and every day. These sayings about behavior, intuition, and information will give you a more clear understanding of how common sense impacts … Continue reading Common Sense Quotes and Words of Wisdom


Insight "Groundedness does not eliminate passion, productivity, or all forms of striving and ambition. Instead, it is about ditching an omnipresent and frantic anxiety to begin living in alignment with your innermost values, pursuing your interests, and expressing your authentic self in the here and now. When you are grounded there is no need to … Continue reading INSIGHT


      WORD OF THE DAY September 29, 2021         zest    noun | ZEST   What It Means   Zest means "keen enjoyment" or "an enjoyably exciting quality."  // The young couple has a zest for travel and adventure.    // The seasoning added zest to the otherwise bland dish.  See the entry >   Scroll down … Continue reading MW W.O.T.D.