Top 10 Most Expensive Hotel Rooms Around the World

by David Longfact checked by Rachel Jones

For the ultra-wealthy, money is no object. Instead, it’s many objects: golden mammoth skeletons, rooftop pools full of Patron, and jetpacks for their butlers (I assume). But when the one-percenters inevitably get sick of soaking in their own opulence, they vacation in search of fresh, new luxuries at the finest resorts in the world. Luckily, there are hundreds to choose from, each with its own creme-de-la-creme top-tier penthouse/villa/island. These rooms are the finest, or at least priciest, available anywhere in the world. This list ranks the ten most expensive of these super-suites, rooms whose price per night will make you question if that golden mammoth skeleton might actually be real. Spoiler: it is.


10Nobu Villa, Nobu Hotel- $35,000/night

Video Tour Of The Nobu Villa

Many Las Vegas resorts, especially those right on the Strip, are massive testaments to human engineering and commerce. They’re big, bright, and tower over the street-level neon. The Nobu Hotel, however, exercises more restraint, with only 182 rooms and a consistently austere and beautiful aesthetic.

For $35,000 per night, guests can stay at the hotel’s finest suite, the Nobu Villa. It boasts 10,500 square feet, a personal butler, masseuse, limo, and 24/7 access to world-class food from celebrity chef (and hotel owner) Nobu Matsuhisa. It also has a full bar, its own barbecue pit on its terrace, and a whirlpool. The whole place rides the line between opulence and elegant simplicity, a line that most other entries on this list fall far away from.

9The Royal Villa, Grand Resort Loganissi- $45,000/night

Lagonissi Grand Resort – Athens Riviera

The Grand Resort Lagonissi is located south of Athens, Greece, on its own mini peninsula that juts into the Aegean Sea. The resort is worth its cost from location alone; its unobstructed view of the Mediterranean and a dozen of the Greek islands that peek their heads out of it is breathtaking. It’s also breathtaking that its nicest room(s), the Royal Villa, costs $40,000 per night.

For the price, guests stay at a villa “designed for royal and prestigious guests.” It shows. The villa is a three-bedroom, three-bath, private gym, private massage parlor, indoor pool, and outdoor pool affair. Best of all: it has its own butler’s quarters with a separate entrance. That way, you can be waited on hand and foot and then shoo that unsightly commoner away so you can again forget that the lower class exists.

8The Ty Warner Penthouse, Four Seasons- $50,000/night

Inside the Most Expensive Hotel Room in New York City | WSJ

The Four Seasons New York stands right at the heart of downtown Manhattan. Between Madison and Park Avenues, the hotel is a short walk to dozens of major New York City landmarks, and from its Ty Warner Penthouse, you can see them all out of your many gold-trimmed bay windows.

The room was designed by probably the most celebrated architect of all time, I.M. Pei, and he was not phoning it in that day. Or should I say year, as it took Pei seven whole years to design the suite. He made every nook and cranny extravagant and expensive; even the sheets boast 22-carat gold fabric. Through its gold telescope, you can look out on Central Park and the rest of the city, swirling a snifter of brandy, and know you’ve won the game of life.

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