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Pivotal moment for geo-politics: Modi can lead response against Sinic-Islamic axis
September 22, 2021, 6:09 PM IST Rahul Shivshankar
If the ‘free world’ is truly interested in avoiding global conflict it needs to come together and contain the burgeoning “Sinic-Islamic” axis.
Prime Minister Modi has worked hard to expose the dangers posed by Islamist revisionism and Chinese expansionism. India’s campaign stands vindicated as is evidenced by the emergence of military blocs like the AUKUS.
The only question is will America and the EU allow narrow self-interest to define their response or will they unite for the greater good in defense of the rules and values that have defined a progressive world order? The next four days will tell us.

UN must reflect geo politics of 2021 and not 1945
September 22, 2021, 2:56 PM IST Gaurie Dwivedi
To free the UN from the clutches of China is a mammoth task but it is now or never as the agency is now firmly in the grip of China. One of Beijing’s most notable successes was in aligning the BRI with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). “The five pillars of the Belt and Road…are intrinsically linked to the 17 Sustainable Development Goals. The UN is poised to support the alignment of the Belt and Road Initiative with the Sustainable Development Goals…for maximum sustainable development dividends,” UN Secretary-General António Guterres had said in April 2019 as he praised the ultimate takeover of UN values by Beijing. These encomiums came when several countries had lost strategic assets and plunged into debt spirals due to BRI projects. Unless the UN is reformed and rescued; Beijing’s influence will continue to grow. Instead of lavish praise, the UN needs to create checks and balances against, among other things, BRI which impacts the sovereignty of nations.

Indo-US relations: An urgent need to reformat restart and sync (Part II)
September 22, 2021, 3:36 PM IST Purushottam Jha
Both Joe Biden and Narendra Modi are the best of the seasoned, matured and dispassionate statesmen of their times. They are supposedly destined to make path for the world to move on towards a better future avoiding strife and agony for the humanity at large. Both the US and India has to reformat, restart and try better resyncing of their systems and approaches towards themselves, their surroundings and the globe. The eventual target remains as Dwight Eisenhower asserted, ‘The world must learn to work together, or finally it will not work at all’.

Cost of suppoting Taliban
September 22, 2021, 7:34 PM IST Kalisankar Adhikari
Pakistan requested the SAARC to accept a Taliban Member to represent the Afghan Government in its upcoming foreign Ministers’ conference on September 25. Since Taliban- helmed Government in Afghanistan is not recognized by most nations including even by China and Russia, SAARC Chair Nepal has refused to accede to Pakistan’s request leading to the possible dissolution of the SAAC meeting this time. Pakistan lost its credibility among its immediate SAARC Neighbours Bangladesh, Bhutan, Pakistan, India, Maldives, Nepal, Sri Lanka and Afghanistan.
Consider Taliban’s approach to Cricket that Pakistan plays celebrate with Distinction: A report suggests that Taliban Authorities ordered not to telecast IPL cricket matches being played in UAE. The reason for this cricket Blackout in Afghanistan is the presence of a female audience and spectators. This amplifies the Taliban approach to women in general.No wonder the Afghan Govt does not have a single member!
Another embarrassment that is likely to hit Pakistan and the Taliban government in Afghanistan is to come from the United Nations that would turn down the Taliban’s request of addressing the UNGA during this week in New york. Taliban has recently nominated Suhail Shaheen as Afghan ambassador to the UN by replacing Gulam Isaczai. But UN has yet to take cognizance of this nomination until the Credential Committee clears this. Obviously Taliban-led Afghanistan will miss the opportunity of making it heard in this august International platform.
Furthermore, During this week The QUAD nations are meeting at the White House and one of the agendas to be elaborately discussed is the GlobalTerrorism and the role of Afghanistan and Taliban and other Terror groups fostered on Pakistan Soil. Further isolation of Pakistan in Global fora is on the cards.
As Ramiz Raza said ‘Western Block is getting united’ and the true Majority of global powers are warming up to take a more focussed view on Talibanism.

UP cleric held for ‘running India’s biggest conversion syndicate for over 30 years’
TNN | Sep 23, 2021,
Ishita Mishra & Pathikrit Chakraborty
A prominent Meerut cleric, Maulana Kaleem Siddiqui, who shot to social media fame last year for solemnising the wedding of actor Sana Khan, has been arrested by UP Anti-Terror Squad (ATS) for allegedly running the “country’s biggest illegal conversion syndicate” for over 30 years.
ATS sources said Siddiqui “received funds from abroad, particularly Gulf nations, through hawala transactions”.
The ATS is investigating a case against the head of Islamic Da’wah Centre (IDC) Mufti Kazi Jahangir Qasmi and Mohammed Umar Gautam, both of whom were arrested in June on charges of using IDC for “mass religious conversions”. The ATS has said that over 1,000 “vulnerable” people have been converted by the two with “promise of jobs” or by “inciting hatred” against Hinduism.
Understanding the American enthusiasm for the Quad
The Quad fits with President Biden’s desire to see democracies try to deliver, and the administration’s broader foreign policy approach emphasising alliances and partnerships — and it helps provide a solution to its China problem.
Written by Tanvi Madan |
Updated: September 23, 2021

The importance of Quad meeting amidst current geopolitical flux
Grouping has to fulfil past commitments. Onus is on US to prove that Afghan experience has strengthened its resolve to defend its interests in the Indo-Pacific
Written by Rajiv Bhatia |
September 23, 2021

India’s financial system gets a reset
By Harsh Gupta Madhusudan
With a bad bank, lower rates, and account aggregators, the country is ready for a cleaner credit cycle

What India can do to avoid US sanctions over Russia
The CAATSA legislation compels the US to impose secondary sanctions on any entity that does business with the Russian defence industrial complex. The S-400 delivery to India would constitute such a trigger
By Sameer Lalwani

Why Modi’s visit to the US matters
New Delhi has a key role in ensuring that the broader coalition of like-minded partners in the Indo-Pacific is sustained
By Harsh V Pant


As Quad focuses on tech, the debate on standard setting
The control of critical technologies and their supply chains remain essential for all States to project their geopolitical influence. However, having a grip on the governance mechanism of these critical technologies in the form of technical standards can be a gamechanger in the geostrategic field
By Arjun Gargeyas


Drug menace could get worse, with Taliban ruling Afghanistan
The Taliban is likely to push opium to various markets to fund their activities
Najib Shah, SEP 22 2021
We have to tackle the menace from both the supply and demand ends. We cannot afford to let the menace of drugs go out of hand.

OFB corporatization: Long term gains but product prices may go up in short run
Manu Pubby, Sep 22, 2021

The war gaming exercise also concluded that out of the new entities being created, the future is brighter for Vehicles, Ammunition and the Parachute group, while the ancillary group may struggle for orders. The analysis was conducted for the next five financial years.

China in CPTPP will change regional balance
By: Amitendu Palit | September 23, 2021 5:45 AM
This will allow the country to engage in commerce-as-usual with Japan, Canada, etc, no matter how bad political relations get. Besides, it can also block Taiwan from joining the trade pact

PM-JAY: A holistic continuum of healthcare
RS Sharma  | Updated on September 22, 2021
At the third anniversary of the world’s largest govt-funded health scheme, an aggressive expansion is on cards
AB PM-JAY has facilitated approximately 2.2 crore hospital admissions worth ₹26,450 crore through a network of nearly 24,000 hospitals across the country. The scheme has emerged as the world’s largest government funded healthcare scheme that aims to cover 10.74 crore families or 53 crore individuals, identified from the Socio-Economic Caste Census database of 2011. It is pertinent to note that the 33 States/UTs implementing AB PM-JAY have further expanded the beneficiary database to 13.44 crore families (65 crore individuals).
With a vast network of 24,000 empanelled healthcare providers across India, AB PM-JAY is implemented through a robust data-driven technology framework. The PM-JAY IT system has the capacity to handle more than 30 beneficiary verification transactions per second. Additionally, 28 hospital admissions are raised on the PM-JAY transaction management system per minute.

The scheme has essayed a crucial role in enlisting the support of the healthcare ecosystem to foster improved access to quality healthcare. This is evident from the fact that nearly 60 per cent of all hospitalisations have come from the private sector. Furthermore, perhaps for the first time, a healthcare scheme has put gender equality at the forefront. Approximately 50 per cent of Ayushman card recipients are women and over 47 per cent of the authorised hospital admissions have also been availed by women.
Hinduphobia: Deconstructing The Anti-Hindu Hindu
by Minhaz Merchant-Sep 22, 2021
Hinduphobia is not self-criticism; it is an extreme, anarchic form of hate.
This week, on the eve of PM Narendra Modi’s first in-person bilateral meeting with US President Joe Biden, expect a surge in Modiphobia and Hinduphobia.

Chinese State-Backed Hackers Targeted India’s Government Agency And Times Group Using Winnti Malware
by Bhaswati Guha Majumder-Sep 22, 2021
American cybersecurity company Recorded Future believes that malicious software was likely embedded inside the agency’s and media businesses’ computer networks, allowing hackers to extract data on demand.


Spinning fiction? Siddharth Varadarajan’s ‘Paris cafe’ claims on vaccine certificate don’t quite add up, what the authorities say

Spinning fiction? Siddharth Varadarajan’s ‘Paris cafe’ claims on vaccine certificate don’t quite add up, what the authorities say
Whether Varadarajan was just spinning stories or indeed telling the truth is a not something we could fact-check till someone puts us in touch with that particular waiter from that cafe, here is what the French authorities say about vaccination certificates.
22 September, 2021
OpIndia Staff


UP conversion racket: ATS arrests Maulana Kaleem Siddiqui for suspicious activities, AAP’s Amanatullah Khan cries foul

UP conversion racket: ATS arrests Maulana Kaleem Siddiqui for suspicious activities, AAP’s Amanatullah Khan cries foul
Amanatullah Khan had earlier called for beheading of Yati Narsinghanand Saraswati of Dasna Temple, Ghaziabad over allegedly blasphemous remarks. He has also been accused of giving false communal colour to a petty crime.
22 September, 2021
OpIndia Staff

Power play & fissures in Pakistan Army pose danger for the Sub-continent and beyond
Jaibans Singh
Sep 22, 2021
The Pakistan army is going through a huge internal crisis, fissures are visible through the rank and file of the organisation. While discontent at the lower level is quite apparent, it is the power play within the senior leadership that is more significant; it is the result of a succession battle that is now raging with the second, and possibly final, term of Pakistan Army Chief, General Qamar Bajwa, coming to an end in November 2021 and also due to different perceptions with regard to the Afghanistan policy of the Army.
In June 2021, there were reports of an assassination attempt on General Bajwa which led to the arrest of 14 officers, 22 SSG commandos and  30 soldiers. The assassination was to be carried out while the General was on tour in Pakistan Occupied Jammu and Kashmir (POJK), possibly with the intention of putting the blame on India.
The initial report was given by Dr. Amjad Ayub Mirza, a human rights activist of POJK who is active on social media and is a keen Pakistan army watcher. Mirza made a video which went viral.


Sidhu and Channi’s mysterious Christian connection and the menace of conversion in Punjab

Sidhu and Channi’s mysterious Christian connection and the menace of conversion in Punjab
Siddharth Chadaram 22 September 2021
Punjab’s new Chief Minister Charanjit Singh Channi, is not a stranger to controversies. The public was not happy with Channi’s appointment as the new CM, owing to him being an accused during the ‘Me Too’ movement in 2018. Now, reports are surfacing him of being a Christian convert.
Punjab’s first Dalit CM or first Christian CM?
The INC, in its evergoing campaign of appeasement politics, introduced Charanjit Channi as the state’s supposedly ‘first Dalit Chief Minister’. However, it did not take long for the public to dismiss the INC’s claim. The Editor in Chief of Sudarshan TV tweeted a picture of Charanjit Channi’s wife, with a Christian cross hanging on the wall behind her.


Urban Naxals, the top enemies of the nation are regrouping again after the Bhima-Koregaon setback

Urban Naxals, the top enemies of the nation are regrouping again after the Bhima-Koregaon setback
Akshay Narang 21 September 2021
As per the Indian Express report, sources are concerned about Maoists moving beyond guerrilla warfare and penetrating premier Universities. Indian Express quoted sources as saying, “Maoists are trying to tap into the social and communal divide caused by politics of caste and religion. They are attempting to win the support of the members of the working class, Dalits and minorities, especially Muslims. The rebels want to radicalise youngsters and already have a strong network in premier universities of Delhi and Kolkata.”
The sources said, “The other major Maoist plan is to put in place a coordination network among like-minded outfits in India, Bangladesh and Nepal. They want to facilitate unhindered movement of left-wing extremists in these territories and exchange arms, ammunition and information.”

PLA Unrest: Why Xi Is Worried
By JAYADEVA RANADE September 22, 2021 08:39 IST
Protests at this time when efforts are underway to strengthen the PLA and keep morale high would be worrying for the military leadership,
On May 20, 2021, two PLA officers from the Political College of National Defense University and the Joint Logistics Support Force Longyan Comprehensive Warehouse Support Team, jointly authored an article published by the Chinese government’s largest think-tank, the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, expressing serious concerns about the PLA rank and file’s adherence to the party’s absolute leadership over the army.
They asserted that ‘the party’s absolute leadership over the army is the fundamental principle of our party’s army building and ruling the army’, but this is facing new challenges today.
Among the contributory factors, they listed the pace of military modernisation and rejuvenating the army; new methods of building the army at the grassroots level; the “profound new changes” in mission requirements, including the composition of officers and soldiers and troop organisation; and the external social environment.
The article stressed the importance of clearing out ‘the fog of thought’.
The sentiments were indirectly echoed the same week in a Liberation Army Daily article by a member of PLA Unit 31006.
Their major worry will be that this dissatisfaction could spread to serving PLA personnel since the tenure of service of Chinese conscripts is short and thousands are demobilised each year.

China’s Leaders Are Having Fun With Us. Who Can Blame Them?
We need a better strategy to counter China than submarines. Biden should get back into the TPP trade deal.
Sept. 21, 2021


California’s Wildfires Had an Invisible Impact: High Carbon Dioxide Emissions
From June to August, the blazes emitted far more planet-warming carbon dioxide than in any other summer in nearly two decades, satellite data shows.
Sept. 21, 2021


The Biden administration is combating ransomware with a crackdown on cryptocurrency payments.
Previewing its new approach, the Treasury Department announced sanctions against a virtual currency exchange called Suex.
Sept. 21, 2021

Forget COP26 boasts — decarbonising takes thousands of tiny, boring steps
Truly green companies redesign their products rather than buying offsets or planting trees
Brooke Masters
22 September 2021

Central and eastern Europe turn to Taiwan as China relations cool
Hopes of economic boost from co-operating with Beijing give way to fears of domination
Kathrin Hille in Taipei and Richard Milne in Oslo
22 September 2021

IMF board gets initial briefing on Georgieva role in China data rigging scandal
September 22, 2021
The International Monetary Fund said its executive board met on Tuesday to discuss a report prepared for the World Bank alleging that IMF chief Kristalina Georgieva pressured staff to alter data to favor China while serving as the bank’s CEO.
The board agreed to meet again soon for further discussions, an IMF spokesperson said, but gave no specific date.

Women’s rights activist to leaders at UN: Don’t let Taliban fool you
By Daphne Psaledakis
September 22, 2021
Afghan rapper and activist, Sonita Alizadeh, fled her homeland with her family when it was last ruled by the Taliban more than two decades ago – when women could not work, had to cover their faces and girls were banned from school.

Women within the Southern Baptist Convention allege they were sexually abused and the church covered it up
An investigation of the church’s handling of allegations is moving forward. Women have been telling their stories for years.
By Megan Botel
September 22, 2021

Xi Jinping’s disturbing Maoist turn
It took China four decades to recover from Mao’s social engineering. Now, its leader is following Mao’s messianic, authoritarian path.
By David Ignatius
September 21, 2021

The Biden administration just stalled China’s advance in the Indo-Pacific
Australia is a crucial Indo-Pacific state. Biden just flipped it
By Robert D. Kaplan
September 21, 2021

China could accelerate military efforts in response to U.S.-Australia submarine deal, analyst says
Weizhen Tan Yen Nee Lee
As China’s military presence grows in the Indo-Pacific region, the U.S., U.K. and Australia last week announced a new security partnership that seeks to strengthen stability in that region.
As part of the deal, the U.S. and U.K. will assist Australia in acquiring nuclear-powered submarines, which will allow Australia’s navy to help counter Chinese nuclear-powered vessels in the region.
“I think that right now, certainly the military balance of power is going to grow more contested,” Ali Wyne, senior analyst at Eurasia Group, told CNBC’s “Squawk Box Asia” on Monday.

Here Are the Possible Targets If China Rebukes Australia Over Subs
By Michael Heath
22 September 2021, 05:14 GMT+5:30
Agriculture in sights, or when borders open, education-tourism
Falling iron ore price might already be seen as sufficient hit

Lithuania says throw away Chinese phones due to censorship concerns
Flagship Xiaomi phones sold in Europe can detect and censor terms such as ‘Free Tibet’ and ‘Long live Taiwan independence’, says the state cybersecurity body
The capability in the Mi 10T 5G phone software had been turned off for the region but can be remotely activated, the report adds
22 Sep, 2021

China’s overseas loans pose risks to biodiversity and indigenous lands, US study shows
Some 63 per cent of Chinese-financed projects, mainly in Southeast Asia and Central Africa, found to overlap ecologically sensitive and indigenous areas
Speedy approvals make Chinese loans attractive, but both policy banks and borrowing countries must step up due diligence, researchers behind study say
Holly Chik
21 Sep, 2021

US Treasury unleashes cryptocurrency sanctions to fight ransomware
The new sanctions will block all trades involving Suex – a cryptocurrency exchange operating in Russia – and US entities
The move comes amid a rise in ransomware attacks, including the Colonial Pipeline hack that shut down one of the largest fuel delivery sources in the US
22 Sep, 2021

EU backs France, India’s Modi vows to ‘act jointly’ with Macron in Indo-Pacific amid Aukus fallout
Germany’s Europe Minister says France’s diplomatic crisis is a ‘wake-up call’ for the EU to unite on foreign and security policy
Meanwhile, France and India say they will deepen partnership in the Indo-Pacific to promote ‘regional stability … while ruling out any form of hegemony’
Reutersand Agence France-Presse
Published: 8:30pm, 21 Sep, 2021

Joe Biden’s nominee for key China export post expects Huawei to remain blacklisted
If confirmed as under secretary of commerce for industry and security, Alan Estevez also pledged to ‘look at’ Honor – the handset unit spun off of Huawei
The ex-Pentagon official said he wanted to see if the Chinese telecoms giant was using the spin-off brand to circumvent its own blacklist designation
22 Sep, 2021

Will China’s new data security laws complicate Beijing’s move to join Pacific Rim trade pact?
Some members of the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership are expected to demand that China modify its laws
The multilateral trade deal covers a combined market of about half a billion people and roughly 13.5 per cent of the global economy
Xinmei Shen
21 Sep, 2021
A path-breaking deal to bolster Indo-Pacific security
21 Sep, 2021
If AUKUS works as advertised, the “enhanced trilateral security partnership” will be a turning point for the Indo-Pacific and regional security.


Japan, Vietnam gently coming together against China

Japan, Vietnam gently coming together against China
Landmark military deal allows Tokyo for first time to sell military wares and share sensitive defense technology with Hanoi
SEPTEMBER 21, 2021


Taliban sweet talk doesn’t fool Afghan women

Taliban sweet talk doesn’t fool Afghan women
The writing is on the wall for women’s rights as morality police replace former women’s affairs ministry
SEPTEMBER 22, 2021


Red alert: ‘We are out of time,’ say USAF leaders

Red alert: ‘We are out of time,’ say USAF leaders
China’s expansive and rapid military modernization is outpacing the United States on several fronts
SEPTEMBER 22, 2021


Biden bungles America’s oldest alliance

Biden bungles America’s oldest alliance
While a defense alliance with the UK and Australia makes sense, sticking it to France – and the EU – in the process does not
SEPTEMBER 21, 2021

Aukus submarine deal signals new Indo-Pacific balance of power
A more transactional US and aggressive China will push the region to eventually reach an eight-stage mutually assured destruction nuclear balance.
Bilahari Kausikan
SEPTEMBER 22, 2021

State Department Plans ‘China House’ to Counter Beijing
Some fear larger State Department China desk could be a “massive bureaucratic blob.”
By Jack Detsch, and Robbie Gramer
SEPTEMBER 21, 2021

Why the Taliban Won’t Quit al Qaeda
Don’t expect the Taliban to compromise their terrorist allies.
By Barbara Elias
SEPTEMBER 21, 2021

Can Social Media Bring Justice for Women in Pakistan?
The killing of Noor Mukadam has galvanized an unprecedented online movement.
By Hajira Maryam
SEPTEMBER 21, 2021

Taliban to Kabul Women: You’re Fired
The group’s appointed interim mayor of Kabul, Hamdullah Namoni, made the announcement during his first news conference. Namoni insisted that all women in the city remain in their homes, whether they were employed or not.
by Trevor Filseth
September 21, 2021

In Afghanistan, the Taliban Face an Old Enemy: ISIS-K
The Taliban promised that Afghan soil would no longer be used for terror attacks. For this reason, ISIS-K’s overtly terroristic attacks have put increased pressure on the Taliban to respond forcefully to contain them. The Taliban’s ability to suppress violent activity is also a key test of their early rule, as one of the group’s selling points has been the notion that their takeover represents the end of the forty-year conflict and a return to peace and public safety.
by Trevor Filseth

September 21, 2021

What AUKUS and Afghanistan Tell Us About the US Asia Strategy
Put together, these two seemingly unrelated developments signal a new U.S. strategy in the competition with China.
By Arash Reisinezhad

September 21, 2021


Biden should be held accountable with Trump for the ‘new cold war’: Global Times editorial
By Global Times
Published: Sep 21, 2021
In opposing a new cold war, Beijing can only hope that the power of American people is greater than the operational energy of the US government and some political elites against the tide of the times.

AUKUS undermines ASEAN centrality with nuclear subs, terrifies region
By Xu Liping
Published: Sep 21, 2021
Reports show that Australia’s new nuclear submarines would not be in the water until 2040. Yet Canberra will likely use nuclear-powered submarines to coerce ASEAN countries as a bargaining chip. As ASEAN is projected to become the world’s fourth-largest economy by 2030, Australia’s growing strength in the security field must be a threatening response to ASEAN’s growing economic power. This is what countries in Southeast Asia should be highly vigilant about.

China urges US, Australia to effectively regulate mercenary companies at UN Human Rights Council
China urged the US and Australia to take concrete measures to effectively regulate private military and security companies during a dialogue with the Working Group on the use of mercenaries held by the 48th session of the United Nations Human Rights Council on Tuesday.

By Global Times | 2021/9/22

Japanese LDP presidential candidate holds talk with DPP’s Tsai, risks undermining foundations of China-Japan relations
Sanae Takaichi, a presidential candidate for Japan’s ruling Liberal Democratic Party (LDP), held an online meeting with Tsai Ing-wen, regional leader of the island of Taiwan, on Sunday. Chinese mainland experts warned that Japan’s close ties with the island of Taiwan would undermine the foundations of China-Japan relations, while pointing out that Takaichi’s promise to Taiwan is a political gesture that will not necessarily be kept.

By Cui Fandi | 2021/9/22

AUKUS deal to continue causing repercussions in transatlantic ties
Although US President Joe Biden always shouts loudly his slogan for diplomacy “America is back,” Washington is facing an increasing crisis of trust in ties with other countries, especially with its allies, as the AUKUS nuclear submarine deal between Australia, the UK and the US has seriously harmed US-France ties and brought unprecedented consequences as Paris recalled its ambassadors to the US and Australia.

By Yang Sheng | 2021/9/21

PLA holds Y-20 aircraft transport mission, landing drills in South China Sea
In two recent, separate moves in the South China Sea, the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) dispatched Y-20 large transport aircraft to reefs for troop transport missions, and conducted amphibious landing drills under complex conditions, showing the PLA’s capabilities in safeguarding peace and stability in the region, analysts said on Tuesday.

By Liu Xuanzun and Guo Yuandan | 2021/9/21