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A Poem Torn in Half
Translated from the Greek by Dan Beachy-Quick
the surrounding smoke they made[
in warships, spear-shafts d[
men are tearing, and he wilts[
in the sunlight, courage and[
great longing for[
of Naxians able to f[
of trees cut sharp down[
men hold back[
this would for all soldiers m[
as in the past without anger[
and of brothers[
of whom they cut off[
beat down beneath plague-like blows[
these things in my soul, my thinking heart[
abysmal deep]
but all the same dead[
knows now, if you[
of words who is destined[
some men in Thasos[
and Torone[
some men in swift ships[
and from Paros t[
and of the same mother born[
soul, heart, but[
fire now all around[
in the suburbs k[
they ever-scorch the earth[
violent men overrun[
readying for the road[
nothing lucky, nothing on the right[
from the book STONE-GARLAND / Milkweed Editions