Common Sense

These common sense quotes will really get you wondering how much common sense you have: Common sense is not so common. -Voltaire Common sense is instinct.  Enough of it is genius. -George Bernard Shaw It is a thousand times better to have common sense without education than to have education without common sense. -Robert Green … Continue reading Common Sense

79 Common Sense Quotes

79 Common Sense Quotes Common sense is having sound judgement, or some would say having practical life experiences. Let these common sense quotes give you thoughts of what others think about it. When unsure how to solve a problem, use your common sense. Catherine PulsiferProblemAnd it is still true, no matter how old you are - … Continue reading 79 Common Sense Quotes

Great Poems I read:

Something Told the Wild Geese by Rachel Field Share Something told the wild geeseIt was time to go.Though the fields lay goldenSomething whispered,—‘Snow.’Leaves were green and stirring,Berries, luster-glossed,But beneath warm feathersSomething cautioned,—‘Frost.’All the sagging orchardsSteamed with amber spice,But each wild breast stiffenedAt remembered ice.Something told the wild geeseIt was time to fly,—Summer sun was on … Continue reading Great Poems I read:

‘Meditation without meditating’ might be possible. Can it also be made ethical?

Over the past several decades, studies examining the potential for meditation to curb mental anguish and increase wellbeing have yielded promising, if complicated, results. For patients, complications can arise when meditation is marketed as a ‘happy pill, with no side effects’. This commodification and oversimplification is at the root of a conundrum for Jay Sanguinetti and … Continue reading ‘Meditation without meditating’ might be possible. Can it also be made ethical?

How did ‘personal responsibility’ evolve into its opposite, ‘everyone for themselves’?

Before the Industrial Age, Western concepts of ‘responsibility’ often evoked a duty to others, particularly those in greatest need. Over the past two centuries, however, the word has come to connote the more inward-looking framework of ‘individual responsibility’, often deployed as an argument against the moral and social necessity of welfare structures. Carefully piecing together … Continue reading How did ‘personal responsibility’ evolve into its opposite, ‘everyone for themselves’?

The food wars

Vitamins or whole foods; high-fat or low-fat; sugar or sweetener. Will we ever get a clear idea about what we should eat?

Universe in a bubble

Maybe we don’t have to speculate about what life is like inside a bubble. It might be the only cosmic reality we know

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This is the weekly email digest of the daily online journal Brain Pickings by Maria Popova. If you missed last week's edition — the blue horses of our destiny: artist Franz Marc, the wisdom of animals, and beauty as resistance to brutality; Chekhov on how (not) to be a writer — you can catch up right here. If … Continue reading My Fav Newsletter:

Biden, a Lifelong U.N. Advocate, Needs the Institution More Than Ever

From COVID-19 to climate, the U.S. president will focus his first General Assembly speech on the world body’s indispensability.

What in the World?

This week in FP’s international news quiz: the U.N. General Assembly, big elections in Germany, and defense partnerships new and old.

What matters most? Five priorities for CEOs in the next normal Center strategy on sustainabilityCenter strategy on sustainability. Business can act to ensure that sustainability is more than a buzzword. One possibility is to consider investing in technologies that suck carbon from the atmosphere. Make no mistake: given current and future commitments, climate is going to be an increasingly important way to create competitive advantage.Organizing for … Continue reading What matters most? Five priorities for CEOs in the next normal

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Hello hello, Luke here with a fresh batch of book summaries for you! First, we want to say a huge thank you to all those who have helped us make the final push to get monetized on YouTube. We're getting so close to our goal and only have a couple hundred watch ours left to … Continue reading My Fav Newsletters: Luke’s Book Summaries Newsletter.

9 Words Removed From the Dictionary The English language is comprised of thousands and thousands of words (more than 170,000 in the Oxford English Dictionary). But as language evolves and new vocabulary (including slang) is coined, older words that have fallen out of favor are continually retired and removed from dictionaries.So, is a word no longer a word once it’s been … Continue reading 9 Words Removed From the Dictionary