Living 25000 days. My experience.

I check BioRhythm Calculator App daily by habit. I was Happy to see I have lived till date 25000 days of this life. And I thanked God, my parents, my family, friends, Gurus.

I read bio-hythms in a book first some 20 years ago. Wanted to buy a German/Japanese Bio-rhythm watch but could not afford but when the Biorhythm App appeared on Google play, I am using it daily. The 4 Rhythms for some reason match me and the predictions of the day usually good.

I feel 25 years Young person. Reason: My wish was to have Years calculated in Metric system and Year should be 1000 days long. Getting the drift!

Seriously, I recall the 25th year – the year I began working in PSU – Madras Fertilizers Ltd as Marketing Extension Appentice after having done my nearly 3 year stint in a Nationalised bank Bank of India’s Village branch and living in a Hut.

By now, I had acquired a Yezdi and my company also gave me a Royal Enfield Bullet 350 for official use. Life was fun, it was hard, lots of travel, speeds that one could achieve on village roads and the single lane “High”ways!

I now spend lot of time reading as Second cataract surgery and later – I am able to Read clearly and concentrate in Spiritual readings I always wanted to do. There is of course, the WhataApp/ Google University and MOOC courses on UDEMY that I find very interesting learning.

A Guru once said to me, “When you will know, what you do not know and your curiosity creates a quest to find that knowledge, you will begin and like Gautam Buddha said – “Master will appear when the Pupil is ready” and you will find Gurus and Sadgurus in your life again. In my childhood and youth I was blessed by many but I did not pursue for whatever reasons. Later, I started learning what my Mentees needed from me. Now I learn for “Swantah Sukhay” for my own pleasure like Goswami Tulsidas ji said.

Sh. Eknathji Ranade – Founder of Vivekananda Kendra, Kanya Kumari selected me among first 5 Ajivan Non-Sanyasi-Workers but I was not allowed to go by mother as for a single parent/ with only child – she had expectations from me. Eknathji said to me that I have “Two great qualities – I have “Chitta Shuddhi – Purity of Heart” and I have a curiosity to learn and satiate my thirst by Reading, but he called it “Buddhi Vilaas” Or Indulging in luxury of mind” – he said, learn to Empty the cup – share knowledge with needy freely – it will create space to learn more and then it won’t be a luxury – it will be a Regular Need/ Need fulfillment and Parmaarth” – Helping others, helping needy those who can not afford this Gyan.”

Now of course, in Internet Age, everything is online and available to anyone.

So living 25000 days reminds me of Dr. Norman Vincent Peale “The Positive Thinking Guru” who said ” In life, things average out – good and bad days come in exactly equal proportion and life balances out” . I think it came true in my case.

I wish, I am still not indulging in luxury of mind but be able to help.