How to enjoy coffee

Smooth like chocolate or fruity like a berry, coffee has as many tastes as wine or beer – you just need to know your beans by Jessica Easto

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Did you know... ... that today is International Day of Democracy? In 2007, the UN passed a resolution that September 15 of each year would be observed as the International Day of Democracy. It's easy to take freedoms for granted so please reflect on the history of democracy, thank those who influenced the development of … Continue reading Did you know…


WORD OF THE DAY Eureka yoo-REE-kəPart of speech: exclamationOrigin: Greek, early 17th century 1A cry of joy or satisfaction when one finds or discovers something.2Marked by usually sudden triumphant discovery.   Examples of Eureka in a sentence "When Seth solved the complicated problem, he cried out “Eureka!”" "Maria had a eureka moment that made the rest of her day much easier."


WORD OF THE DAY PrescientPRESH-əntPart of speech: adjectiveOrigin: Latin, early 17th century 1Having or showing knowledge of events before they take place:   Examples of Prescient in a sentence "The psychic gave a prescient warning of things to come." "No one understood how prescient the press statement was until a few days later."

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Top 10 Pandemics We Have Survived by Jason Emmitt fact checked by Jamie Frater In today’s world the rise of transportation and exportation has opened the doors to numerous locations across the planet making our contact with other people more frequent than ever. It is easy to see how viral outbreaks might easily spread in such conditions, … Continue reading via Listverse Newsletter

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Top 10 Recently Discovered Creepy Crawlies by KMcGfact checked by Jamie Frater Nature, or as I call it, the real world, is full of surprises. It keeps giving and taking as it pleases. Often it gives us beauty that can stun us to silence or move us to tears. Other times it reminds us of its multi-faceted … Continue reading Listverse Newsletter

Are You a Natural Leader?

Anna Papadopoulos You’ve almost certainly heard the phrase “he/she is a natural leader” to describe someone — maybe even someone in your peer group or company. Being a natural leader often seems to have a kind of “know it when you see it” quality — and some believe that leaders are born, not made. … Continue reading Are You a Natural Leader?

Changing the conversations that kill your culture

Deceptive messages can undermine your enterprise from within. Relabel and reframe them to develop positive narratives. See also “How Strategic Leaders Reframe Deceptive Messages.”

Are you stuck in a “logic box”?

Beware the trap of making a smart choice among flawed options. Are you stuck in a “logic box”? Beware the trap of making a smart choice among flawed options. by Adam Bryant   Illustration by Fanatic Studio/Gary Waters/Science Photo Library Many years ago, as a young business reporter at the New York Times, I learned about … Continue reading Are you stuck in a “logic box”?


40 Under 40 It’s been a monumental year of change in everything from the way we work and travel to how we buy groceries and invest our savings. (Bitcoin, anyone?) This year’s 40 under 40 list highlights the rising entrepreneurs, influencers, creators, and executives that have shaped the global pandemic experience—and are paving the way … Continue reading FORTUNE LIST OF 40 UNDER 40 -2021

Future proof: Solving the ‘adaptability paradox’ for the long term hutdowns and supply-chain hacks. Hybrid work, remote shopping, settling up via blockchain. The past year has made it abundantly clear, if it wasn’t already, that a volatile and complex world is serving up change at an accelerating pace.   Sidebar About the authors   Individuals and organizations need to be ready. That doesn’t mean reacting to the … Continue reading Future proof: Solving the ‘adaptability paradox’ for the long term

Appropriate Risk – via Seth Godin Newsletter

* Appropriate risk [ %5D We talk about risk like it's a bad thing. But all forward motion involves risk. You can't find a risk-free way to accomplish much of anything. Appropriate risk has two elements: - The odds of it working out are commensurate with the benefits.- The consequences of being wrong don't eliminate your … Continue reading Appropriate Risk – via Seth Godin Newsletter

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Did you know... ... that today is Comedy Love Story Day? Comedians Jerry Stiller and Anne Meara got married on this day in 1953. And because of that union, we're now entertained by their son, actor Ben Stiller! Watch your favorite comedy today with someone you love. ~~~ Today's Inspirational Quote: "If I only had … Continue reading Did you know…