13 Words You Should Incorporate Into Your Vocabulary This Week

You learn something new every day — so why not show it off? Master this list of less-used but still lovely words, and sprinkle them into conversation to dazzle your colleagues, friends, and family.


This charming word refers to destiny or fate, although it’s typically used when describing positive fortunes, such as, “It was kismet that I met my husband.”


Here’s a delightful verb that means “to leave hurriedly and secretly.” It has an old-fashioned feeling with Latin origins, from “ab,” meaning “away,” and “condere,” meaning “stow.” If you’re nabbing the last doughnut in the break room tomorrow, consider yourself absconding with a sweet treat.


The next time a friend spouts off some seemingly profound saying in the midst of giving you advice, you may call it gnomic. The word is used to describe a spoken or written short saying, but with a mysterious meaning that’s not easily understood.


The official definition of this word is “like a pedant,” but it’s synonymous with words such as “precise” or “fussy.” You could call your know-it-all coworker pedantic, but you’ll really impress people if you apply it to a 16-page analysis on the origins of “Baby Shark.”


You may have heard the expression, “everywhere and anywhere,” but what about “everywhen”? Dating back to the 17th century, this less-popular word means “all the time” or “always.”


If you’re feeling blissed out, reach for this Zen word that’s as fun to say as what it represents: an idyllically happy, peaceful time in the past.


“Mellifluous” refers to anything that sounds positively sweet, like honey for the ears — from Ariana Grande’s pipes to the dulcet tones of Morgan Freeman playing God.


Know someone prone to mood swings? They may be experiencing a paroxysm, or a sudden, intense expression of emotion.


If you’re engrossed in a supremely engaging conversation, lost in a book, or simply dazzled by someone, they may have some scintillating qualities you can’t ignore. Both definitions of this word — “sparkling or shining brightly” and “brilliantly and excitingly clever” — are equally appealing.


Opulent is one of the original ways to describe a plush setting that’s dripping with luxury. Use it to describe extravagant interior design, the lavish interior of a limo, or a sparkling piece of jewelry.