Friday 10th September 2021

Hi Dhananjaya,

Here’s your weekly rundown of the global security landscape, highlighting key incidents that have taken place from each region in the last seven days;

Intelligence Insight Weekly - What's Happening in Asia?


Saudi Arabia

Houthi rebels launched a drone attack in the Damman area, over 1000km away from the Saudi-Yemen border. Saudi forces intercepted the drones close to the city, causing shrapnel to fall onto residential areas. The Houthis claimed that the attack targeted Aramco facilities in the Ras al-Tanura area, north of Damman City. The Houthis claimed that the attack was carried out using Sammad-3 drones (thought to have an approximate range of 1,500km) as well as a Zulfiqar ballistic missile. Attacks targeting Saudi cities have increased in recent weeks, with airfields close to the southern city of Khamis Mushayit being a frequent target.

Insight Weekly - Europe Image


Poland, Italy, and France

Several reports this week are showing growing hostility towards COVID-19 responses and regulations imposed by governments across Europe. In Poland, health care workers (paramedics especially) are planning to carry out a major protest in Warsaw on 11th September over pay and conditions; there will possibly be solidarity protests held across Poland as well. This appears to be the largest protest action by health care workers to date.

In Italy, the imposition of mandatory vaccination laws are seeing the emergence of extremists. Authorities this week arrested at least 8 suspects who were allegedly planning to carry out attacks at the upcoming nationwide ‘No Green Pass’ protests in Rome and possibly across Italy on 11th September. Additionally, members of the Neo-Fascist ‘Forza Nuova’ party are becoming a regular feature of these protests. Protests in France have seen widely disseminated videos of riot police beating women inside shopping centres. This is the latest in what appears to be growing hostility towards government regulations in France.

Looking ahead, the likelihood of anti-lockdown/anti-mandatory vaccination protests becoming riots is becoming highly likely. With the increasing likelihood of riots will come increasing chances of collateral damage to businesses close to protest locations; those in town squares especially.


Intelligence Insight Weekly - What's Happening in Africa?



On 4-5th September, the Special Forces Group (GPS) led by Lieutenant-Colonel Mamady Doumbouya led a force of about 50 trucks to Kaloum, Conakry, from their base in Forecariah. The GPS had reportedly taken up positions in Kaloum on 4th September. After an exchange of fire with the Presidential Guard on the morning of 5th September outside the Presidential Palace, the GPS, within hours, managed to gain access into the Presidential Palace and detain President Alpha Conde who was later taken to an unknown destination. At least seven presidential guard soldiers are reported to have been killed.

Political tensions and anger at President Conde in Guinea peaked in 2019 and 2020 over President Conde’s plans to amend the constitution and remove the two-term limit. A new constitution was introduced, the presidential term limits reset and President Conde was elected for a third term in 2020. Given the opposition to President Conde, the coup sparked wild celebrations in Conakry and several cities in the interior. Attention now turns to the political transition.

Insight Weekly - North America Image


Chiapas, Mexico

This week, a migrant caravan of about 400 people made its way into Mexico. Members of Mexico’s National Guard and the National Institute of Migration (INM) surrounded the migrants near Huixtla, in the state of Chiapas. Several migrants were arrested whilst most others fled.

One week earlier, when another migrant caravan passed through the state of Chiapas, the same security forces were accused of using excessive force against both the migrants and journalists covering the events.

The incidents are taking place at a time when Mexico is facing mounting pressure from the United States to curtail U.S.-bound migration. At Thursday’s high-level meeting between diplomats in Washington, the two countries agreed that a long-term strategy to slow migration involves the development of poor regions in the Americas. Mexico’s president has heralded the bilateral meeting as the beginning of a “new stage” in migration politics.

Insight Weekly - South America Image



On 7th September, when Brazil celebrated its Independence Day, supporters of President Bolsonaro and counter protesters gathered in cities across the country. Large crowds of die-hard Bolsonaro supporters stood on the steps of Congress and the Supreme Court, but with over 5,000 police officers being deployed to guard the capital’s public buildings, the rally remained mostly peaceful. During his speech, Bolsonaro proclaimed: “Only God will take me out of Brasília”, increasing fears that the president will not accept defeat in next year’s election.

On the following day, truck drivers who support the president began blocking highways across Brazil. At least 53 blockades were reported by the end of the day, already causing fuel shortages in some areas such as in the state of Santa Catarina. In response, President Bolsonaro recorded an audio message that was shared in WhatsApp groups used by truckers to call for an end to any protests that could further harm the economy. The message seems to have prevented a broader strike with blockades now being lifted.



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