“When dealing with people, remember you are not dealing with creatures of logic, but creatures of emotion.” – Dale Carnegie

Did you know..

Did you know... ... that today is Cheese Pizza Day? We all love the classic toppings but just for today "hold the toppings!" because all you need is the cheese when celebrating this pizza holiday. Whether homemade or ordered in, make it cheese only! ~~~ Today's Inspirational Quote: "Ideas are like pizza dough, made to … Continue reading Did you know..

Seth Godin’s newsletter

 Write something [ https://p.feedblitz.com/r3.asp?l=180476088&f=1081591&c=7907096&u=5102652 %5D Then improve it. Then write something else. Repeat this process until you have a post. Then post it. Then repeat this process. There's no such thing as writer's block. There's simply a fear of bad writing. Do enough bad writing and some good writing is bound to show up. And along the … Continue reading Seth Godin’s newsletter

Newsletters I like: 4 minute books summary.

On that note, let's get into this week's books! 21 Lessons For The 21st Century by Yuval Noah Harari Did you know that we're closer to 2050 than we are to 1990? Time seems to keep accelerating faster with how rapidly technology and other aspects of our world are advancing. How can you and I … Continue reading Newsletters I like: 4 minute books summary.

The Case for Complacency

Does Washington Worry Too Much About Threats? https://www.foreignaffairs.com/reviews/capsule-review/2021-08-24/trump-paradox-migration-trade-and-racial-politics-us-mexico?utm_medium=newsletters&utm_source=books_reviews&utm_campaign=The%20Case%20for%20Complacency&utm_content=20210904&utm_term=FA%20Books%20%26%20Reviews%20-%20112017

The Trump Paradox: Migration, Trade, and Racial Politics in US-Mexico Integration


Newsletters I like: Brainpickings.org

This is the weekly email digest of the daily online journal Brain Pickings by Maria Popova. If you missed last week's edition — Bob Dylan on vulnerability, integrity, and music as an instrument of truth; an illustrated love letter to rivers; an animated query of consciousness — you can catch up right here. If my labor of love … Continue reading Newsletters I like: Brainpickings.org

Did you know…

Did you know... ... that today is Beetle Bailey's Birthday? The army comic strip "Beetle Bailey" first premiered on September 4, 1950. In the August 27, 2001, comic strip, Sarge says that Beetle's birthday is September 4, 5, and 6, because he moves so slowly he needs three days to celebrate. 😉 ~~~ Today's Inspirational … Continue reading Did you know…

Newsletter: Intelligence Fusion

Friday 3rd September 2021 Hi Dhananjaya, Here's your weekly rundown of the global security landscape, highlighting key incidents that have taken place from each region in the last seven days;  MIDDLE EAST & ASIAIndonesiaFour soldiers were killed and a fifth was reported missing after they were attacked by unidentified militants in the Maybrat Regency area in … Continue reading Newsletter: Intelligence Fusion